Friday, December 30, 2011

New Years Resolutions + MY FIRST CONTEST

After beginning Mallory In New York in January, I never once thought that it would become anywhere near as successful as it is today. This belief was partly due to the fact that I know knew very little about technology, blogging, and the internet in general. It was also due to the fact that I tend to commit to a million things at once, and then not follow through on them. Or, at least that was true a year ago.

Me, this time last year!
Maybe I'm not giving myself enough credit. In the past year, I went from an ordinary college student who had never interned, lived on her own, or had a job she could be proud of, to becoming an 'over-acheiver', as many have called me throughout the past few months. Since January, I have completed three incredible internships, and I have just began my fourth at a major publication [ELLE!]. Up until April, I was working in a horrible environment [Starbucks], but I finally found the strength to remove myself from the situation and pursue something something I love [Clinique]. And in May, I took the major leap from dorm life to my very own apartment.

Maybe I have grown a little in the past year, but there's always room for improvement. On with the resolutions!:


Me, a few weeks ago. A few more things have changed than just my hair color!
1. Show your personality. One thing I wish I had done more during my first few internships was show more of my personality. Sure, I was great at churning out snappy blog posts at JoonBug and pitching interesting ideas at Life & Style, but I don't think any of my coworkers or supervisors actually knew me. I've done a bit better this past semester at Nicole Miller. My supervisors know which styles I like from the line, and that I would eventually like to end up at a magazine. Everyone in the office congratulated me when I announced I would be interning at Elle this Spring. It's great to feel included, but like I mentioned above, there's always room for improvement!
2. Make connections. This requires being outgoing enough to remain memorable in a busy industry. I'm an extremely shy person, but I'm gradually becoming much more open.
3. Keep in touch. This is another one of my weaker spots. When I do happen to get along well with someone, I tend to lose touch with them after the internship ends and I'm no longer seeing them on a constant basis. The same thing happens at the end of the semester and with past coworkers. Now, when I meet someone new in the industry, I try to add them on LinkedIn before I have time to lose touch.

I'm lucky enough to be at my dream school, but I want to be a better student!
1. Go to class. It may be an obvious one, but I definitely regret the fact that I don't always go to class. I know school should be the number one thing for me right now, but when I spend more time working and interning than I spend at school, its very easy to lose sight of this. My coursework is also extremely simple, so its not like I really need to go to class to learn it. But, attendance is important, so its definitely something I hope to improve on.
2. Buy a planner. With everything I have going on, its very easy to forget about assignments and tests. Like I said, the work isn't too difficult, so I'm usually fine. But, who really needs the extra stress of cramming, especially when it can easily be avoided? Next semester, I'm buying a planner, and I'm actually going to use it!
3. Get more involved.I've been saying since the first semester of college that I was going to get more involved, and, so far, nothing has changed. I want to be a journalist, so next semester, I'm going to make sure to get involved on W27 [FIT newspaper] and ED2010 [the FIT chapter].

I've learned a lot at Clinique, but there's still so much more to learn!
1. Don't be late. Again, this should be obvious, but its something I always have trouble with. And, its not like I'm still at Starbucks where I had to be there at 5 AM. There's just no reason for it! This year, I'm making a conscious effort to always be on time, if not early!
2. Practice applying makeup. I have officially mastered the art of matching foundation, but there's still so much more to learn! I must get a million compliments each day on my own makeup, but I'm still not totally comfortable applying it on other people.

1. Blog more often. Remember how often I used to blog? Sometimes I would post up to eight times a day! Of course, life gets busy, and commitments get in the way, but I truly love blogging and I don't want to lose my following!
2. Increase followers by the end of next year. This goal may seem a little high, but by the end of next year, I want to have at least 1000 followers! If I can continually grow my fan base through consistent blogging, outfit posts, and contests, I definitely believe its possible!
I want to write more about my own style!
3. Create a schedule. This is probably the best way to make sure I still have time to blog. I'd love to outline certain days where I'll post about fashion, beauty, and personal posts.
4. Outfit blog. I've probably been saying this for seemingly forever, but I really do ant to start outfit blogging! But first, I need more shoes. And tops. And jackets. And leggings, tights, and stockings. And, I also ant to get back don to a Size 0 or a Size 2, depending on when I feel comfortable.
5. Get more active on Tumblr. I'm not sure if anyone has noticed, but I created Tumblr! I'm still learning more about the community and the platform in general, so any tips would be great. Pretty much, it'll be more up to the moment posts, which my blog will remain  more journalistic. Check it out here!
6. Hold more contests. It seems like everyone is holding contests on their blogs, and it seems like a really great way to attract [and hopefully retain] readers! So, I will begin holding contests once a month. I'll announce them on Twitter, Tumblr, and Facebook, and right here on my blog. They will end the first Friday of each month. And, of course, once I reach 300, 500, 750, and 1000 followers, the contests ill be bigger and much more often! Scroll down for instructions on how to enter to win a free subscription to Elle.

1. Develop a signature style. Nicole Richie's signature style is boho-chic. Blair Waldorf's is preppy. Bebe Zeva's is eclectic goth. And Elle Ribera's is pastel. But, what's mine? That's what i want to figure out next year.
Even as little as a weekly trip to Central Park would help me relax!
2. Set aside more time for friends. It really should come as no surprise that I'm extremely focused on my career. But, I would also love to have a social life. Unfortunately, that will always come second to me, but I want to dedicate more time to be with my friends, and hopefully make some new ones.
3. Exercise more. I eat pretty healthy, but I'm not as thin as I should be. With my eating habits and body type, I should look like Elle Ribera, but I don't. And why not? Because I don't exercise nearly enough!
4. Cook more and eat out less. Since college began, my boyfriend and I became notoriously known for going out for sushi five (!) times a week. By anyone's standards, that's A LOT. And, even though we had a great time and thoroughly enjoyed our paychecks, we were left with nothing until the next paycheck came. We've cut down on the eating out considerably within the past few months, but there's still room for improvement. Besides, cooking is not only healthier and less expensive, but it can be a lot of fun!
5. Be more outgoing. As I mentioned above, I'm naturally an extremely shy person. Becoming more outgoing is one of my biggest goals for 2012!
6. Learn to relax. I'm 100% a Type A personality, so I tend to have a lot of trouble hitting the OFF button [as far as work, school, and internships] when I finally have free time, which I don't have a lot of to begin with! Do you know I've only been to Central Park three times since moving to New York last August?! No that I'll be uptown at Elle three days a week, I definitely ant to take more time to explore the area, even if that only means lunch in Bryant Park once a week.


Win a free subscription to Elle!
Now, onto the fun part! In honor of my new internship at Elle, I am giving away a FREE one-year subscription of the magazine! Here's how to enter:

Required [Same comment, counts as one entry]:
1. Tell me why you LOVE Elle.
2. Follow me publicly via Google Friend Connect. [Leave a link to your blog]

Extra Entries [Separate comments]: 
3. Follow me on Tumblr. [+1]
4. Follow me on Twitter. [+1]
5. Like my Facebook page. [+1]

Simple enough, right? Just remember, all entries get separate comments, except for the first two which must be in the same comment! Please do not forget to leave me a link to your Tumblr and Twitter pages -- It's only fair I follow back! And, let me know where you live. I want to make sure I send you the right edition of Elle!

The contest closes at 12 AM EST on January 6th. Winner will be notified via Twitter and Email (so don't forget to leave me one!) GOOD LUCK!

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

My Internship at Nicole Miller: What I Learned, Loved, and What's Next

Back in August, I announced that I had landed my third internship, and my first internship in Public Relations, at Nicole Miller. [Read: New Job, New Internship, New Goals]. I talked about how excited I was to explore a whole new aspect of the fashion industry, and how I was the youngest intern [again].

Nicole Miller is one of my favorite designers!
This was back in August, after I had only been interning for a few weeks. Now, in mid-December, its been over four months, and I've picked up a few things along the way. Of course, it's only fair of me to share my experiences, so here we go!

Throughout this past semester, I've learned that:
  1. People in fashion are tall. And by this, I'm not referring solely to the models. In the PR department, two of my direct supervisors, as well as Nicole Miller herself, are easily six feet tall in heels. At 5'1" and in an intern position, its extremely easy to feel small [literally and metaphorically] in the office, let alone in the industry. So, instead wearing my Tory Burch flats, I opted for my new Nicole Miller platforms [more about those later!] one day a few weeks ago. And, although I was only 5'5" [at the most], I felt a lot more confident with the extra height. If you are experiencing the same problem, but have trouble walking in heels, try out a pair of wedges or platforms instead!
  2. It's always important to carry around an extra pair of shoes. Although a few extra inches may make you feel more confident, keep in mind that fashion interns do a lot of running in and out of the office, up and down subway steps, and around the city in general. [Or at least I did.] So, if you do choose 'grow' a few inches before arriving at the office tomorrow, make sure to bring an extra pair of comfortable [and portable] flats in your bag! I honestly cannot remember the last time I left my apartment without a pair of ballet flats in my purse.
  3. There is a reason why everyone in the industry is so thin. After an entire semester of working in a busy PR firm, I've learned the hard way why everyone in fashion is so skinny. And, it's not because we're all bulimic [as I previously believed], but because we literally do not have time to eat! Luckily, we have an in-house chef at Nicole Miller, so that definitely helps. But, on the few unfortunate days when the prepared meals contain meat [I'm a vegetarian], I have a lot of trouble finding time to go out and find lunch elsewhere. And, that's not a reflection on Nicole Miller at all-- it's just the industry as whole.
  4. Discount lines are cool. Earlier this year, I very reluctantly identified myself as a brand-whore. Now, six months later, I've grown to love designer brands and take pride in flaunting them [once again], without the constant fear of being perceived as shallow [which, by this point, I'm sure we're all very aware that I am!]. So, imagine my surprise when I found that not only does Nicole Miller have a discount line at JCPenny, but that everyone  in the office is obsessed with it! And, even more shocking, the collection is actually extremely adorable. So adorable, in fact, that I ventured into JCPenny for the first time (!) in my life last month in search of the Nicole by Nicole Miller 'Alexandria' pumps after I saw my boss, her boss, and Nicole Miller herself rocking the booties. The crazy thing is that I get more complements on shoes from a discount line than I ever got on my Tory Burch or Michael Kors pairs. I guess the lesson here is that style if far more important than prices or brand names.
  5. The industry is completely connected. I've heard it a thousand times by now, but I never understood just how true it was until I began interning at Nicole Miller. As you may or may not know, Public Relations offices are responsible for promoting the brand and 'getting the name out there', which means constant communication with stylists, editors, and photographers ho request specific pieces from the line. I finished my summer internship at Life & Style Weekly at the end of August, and I was asked to begin my fall internship at Nicole Miller early, at the beginning of August. So, for that one month, I was at Life & Style on Mondays and Wednesdays, and Nicole Miller on Tuesdays and Fridays. There were days when I would pack up Nicole Miller samples to send to Life & Style, then unpack them at the magazine the next day, send them back to Nicole Miller the following day [after the photoshoot], and check them back into the system at Nicole Miller at the end of the week. Whew.
  6. It's never too late to go back. As I mentioned above, I am the youngest intern at Nicole Miller, as I was at Life & Style, and as I was at JoonBug. And, even though I am indescribably proud of this fact, I'd like to point out that it's really never too late to go back. I've been lucky enough to realize my goals early on in my academic career, albeit much earlier than most students. Throughout my last three internships, I've noticed something a bit strange: Many of my fellow interns have already graduated from college! And, even more, many of them hadn't studied fashion, but instead a completely unrelated subject. After graduation, a few of them realized that they didn't ant to pursue a career in their field of study, so they went on to get experience in an industry that interested them: Fashion! Pretty inspirational, right?
    My experience as a whole has been great, but there are a few things I especially loved:
    My holiday gift: Vibrant Cloud Dress!
    1. The awesome alternative to sample sales. Rather than sell the discounted [but still extremely stylish!] pieces from last season's line to just anyone, they are for sale in a massive closet exclusive to employees, including interns. In my opinion, its an excellent way to encourage employees to wear the company's designs.
    2. The Starbucks on the first floor. It shouldn't come as any surprise, but I am completely addicted to caffeine. That's what 8 months of Starbucks will do to you! So, I was beyond thrilled when I realized that there is a Starbucks in the building. Now, every time I leave the office on an errand, I make sure to pick up a Grande Vanilla Pike on my out. It's an extremely convenient ay to stay energized throughout the day!
    3. How everything is in-house. As opposed to interning at a company that as strictly PR, I chose to intern at one that was in-house. This way, rather than focusing on 8+ different brands, I could instead become a semi-expert on just one specific label. At Nicole Miller, PR isn't the only aspect of the business that is in-house. So is the sales team, the bridal team, and the design team. I can't count the number of times I've seen Nicole Miller herself around the office!
    4. The wonderful PR team. Before you say anything, let me assure you that I'm not including this point to get on anyone's good side. I've heard horror stories about crazy bosses, tasks, and internships in general, but one thing I've particularly loved about my experience here is that they treat all of the interns so nicely! Last week, I was invited to the holiday party, and my boss gave me a dress [that I was completely obsessed with since AUGUST] as a holiday gift. How Sweet!
    It's been about four and a half months since I began my internship at Nicole Miller, and even though my semester has already ended, I've decided to stick around until the end of my winter break in late-January. My internship here has been an amazing experience, but I don't think I want to pursue Public Relations as a career path. It's an extremely interesting field, but at the same time, I'm much more interested in the end result of our efforts, which brings me to my next point...

    So far, I'm LOVING Elle!
    After weeks of sprinting to Conde Nast, Hearst, and the Time and Life Building between class, Nicole Miller, and Clinique multiple times a week for interviews, I'm beyond trilled to announce that I've finally found the perfect internship for next semester! This spring, I will be interning at none other than ELLE MAGAZINE!

    Actually, I've decided to begin my internship early. Last week was actually my first week, and, no surprise, I'm the youngest intern. But, I'm starting to believe that age really is just a number. After all, I got this internship based on what's on my resume, not my birth certificate!

      Tuesday, November 22, 2011

      Lady Gaga at Barney's New York

      A very Gaga entrance at Barney's New York.

       Yesterday, as I was sitting in Starbucks for about the third time that afternoon, I found myself only half-consciously scrolling through my Twitter feed. Amidst the meaningless tweets of my classmates as they begin to land their 'amazing' spring internships was a two-line tweet from Elle. [You would not yet understand the irony, but I will explain as soon as applicable.] :

      @ElleMagazine: Catch Lady Gaga for the opening of Gaga’s Workshop tonight!

      To which I replied:

      @MalloryinNYC: Guess I know what I'm doing tonight! RT : Catch Lady Gaga for the opening of Gaga's Workshop tonight!

      Custom designed dress by Karl Lagerfeld.
      And so I did. My all-to-willing boyfriend and I arrived at Barney's New York at approximately 6:15 PM, for a two-minute event that would not begin until 9:45, conclude at 9:47, and leave us waiting outside until the display would open at midnight.

      Sound intolerable? Well, then I guess you're not a true fan, as were the musical theatre students, the boy from Alabama with nothing but a camera and backpack, the Australian girls who had been waiting since 3 PM outside Barney's only to rush to Central Park for Mother Monster's Good Morning America appearance the next morning, the 11-year-old Long Island boy with rhinestone-adorned eyes, the Asian teenager with a blonde bob and five (!) Gaga-inspired tattoos, the homeless-chic teenagers who had camped out overnight in hopes that Lady Gaga would sign their bibles, and, of course, the fashion student with long chocolate brown hair and a knee-length fur coat, AKA, me.

      There were photographers from Women's Wear Daily, which is a bible in and of itself, or at least it is to people like me. There were also a few news cameras from various stations, who sent their achors out to the crowds of fans to interview people who looked 'interesting.' Being 5'1", I was easily able to squeeze my way underneath the crowd's line of vision, arriving at the front of the gate each time were were relocated by security, and, coincidentally, each time a reporter found themselves in need of someone camera-ready.

      As mentioned above, I was neither a rhinestone-adorned child or a homeless-[chic?] adolescent, but instead, a fashion student with meticulously ironed, long chestnut hair, 4-inch Nicole Miller heels, and a knee-length Alice + Olivia coat that made Anna Wintour herself cast a smile upon me as I left 4 Times Square late last week. I, in fact, was camera ready.

      You have to admit... these scissors are awesome.
      The first reporter eyed the crowd looking for someone 'interesting', meaning semi-attractive. His gaze focused in on me, as I looked like an absolute diva amongst the crowds of fans who had planned their entire week around this event. He brought the camera over to me, and held a microphone in front of me. This is how the conversation went:

      Reporter: Hi. What brought you out her tonight?

      Me: Hi! I'm here to see Lady Gaga, of course.

      Reporter: What do you like about her?

      Me: What don't I like about her?! She's amazing, she's so inspirational, she's an icon. She completely revolutionized the fashion world. Vogue Editrix Anna Wintour gave her the CFDA Award [Fashion Icon of the Year]... She's just incredible!

      Of course, I just had  to throw some fashion in there. If this makes it on to TV, I hope it makes Anna Wintour smile at me -- again!

      After rejecting the musical theater student next to me because he looked 'boring', the second reporter shifted his focus to me. Our conversation went like this:

      Lady Gaga in spider form.
      Reporter: What brought you here tonight?

      Me: I'm here to see Lady Gaga cut the ribbon to her workshop!

      Reporter: What do you think of the displays?

      Me: I haven't seen them yet, but I'm insanely excited! From what I hear, it's all amazing. In fact, why keep it just for holidays? Gaga is incredible -- We should honor her all year round!

      The reporter then went on to talk to a 'sassy black guy', as the musical theatre student described him.

      They continued to shift us around a bit, moving us forward and back, forward and back. We didn't mind, because we all knew the night would be incredible. Or, so we thought.

      My new 'friends' and I talked among ourselves, contemplating what we would say to Lady Gaga, and what we would have her sign for us. I ultimately decided that I would ask her to sign my Michael Kors purse.

      I don't think I mentioned this yet, but it was extremely cold last night. Or, at least it was to me -- I have Floridian blood. Luckily, the insanely attractive cater waiters acknowledged this, and they sent out Belgian hot chocolate along with endless amounts of Baked By Melissa cupcakes.

      It seemed like a lifetime, but finally, Lady Gaga arrived! She spent about thirty minutes inside conducting an interview for Good Morning America, which aired today, and shopping with her talentless sister, Natali.

      When she finally walked out of the entrance, the crowd went wild. She whipped out a giant pair of the most Gaga-esque scissors imaginable, cut a surprisingly bland ribbon, and went back inside.

      And that was all. No performance. No meet-and-greet. Not even a teeny, tiny word to the fans who spent their entire day waiting in the freezing cold weather. Nothing. It was a very under-whelming experience, but hey -- at least I got a blog post out of it.

      One of the many displays within the workshop.

      Monday, November 14, 2011

      Christian Louboutin Window Displays at Barney's

      Christian Louboutin: "Wearing high heels is like having an orgasm."

      To celebrate 20 years of Christian Louboutin's red-soled wonders, Barney's New York has created a series of window displays to honor the famed designer. The windows are extremely elaborate in production and appearance, only to represent the amount of work, passion, and detail that goes into the design of each individual pair.

      Blake Lively in a Chanel suit and Louboutin heels.
      After experimentally painting the bottom of a shoe with red nail polish back in 1991, Christian Louboutin's sky-high heels have become almost as iconic as their red sole. And, although it may seem like an untouchable match made in stiletto heaven, equally luxe designer Yves Saint Laurent tried to rival Christian Louboutin's signature design with his own version of a red-soled heel. And, although the court ultimately ruled in favor of YSL, as a color cannot be copyrighted, Christian Louboutin will always be the king of the famous red sole.

      Christian Louboutin's designs have been seen on everyone from Victoria Beckham, to Blake Lively, to even the infamous Kardashians. Author Danielle Steele is said to own over 6,000 pairs! The designer himself gives some insight as to why his designs are so popular: "Wearing high heels is like having an orgasm."

      Here are a few photos of the windows:

      Wednesday, November 9, 2011

      New Look

      Hey everyone!

      So lately I've been getting bored of how Mallory In New York looks, and I decided  yesterday to give it a new look! I sat here like an idiot for hours, playing around with all the design and template options, only to find that the original look was in fact the best!

      However, I am a strong believer that as life changes, the things around us change as well. And if they won't change on their own, then we should change them! So that's exactly what I'm going to do. I'll be playing around with the look and feel of Mallory in New York over the next few weeks, and I guess we'll see where it ends up!

      There are already a few changes you may notice:
      1. The Link Bar. I decided that it would be a lot easier to navigate if around the blog if everything was separated into categories: Beauty, Fashion, My Life, Interviews, and My Looks [coming soon!]. I'm working on organizing everything into categories as we speak!
      2. The Width. One thing I ALWAYS hated about the blog was how narrow it was. It would take seemingly forever to scroll down past every not-so-long post. I played around with the width, and I now feel a lot better about the look!
      3. The 'About Me' and FAQ. As I'm sure you've all noticed a long time ago, I LOVE incorporating my somewhat interesting daily life into the blog! I've actually heard from a lot of readers that they enjoy my posts about my personal / professional life the most, and that they want to know more. So, I'm working on an all-inclusive mini-biography to include under the About Me tab.  As for the FAQ tab, I'll start answering some of the questions that I'm - you guessed it! - most frequently asked. Feel free to comment on the FAQ page with new questions you're curious about, or you can just email me at MalloryinNewYork [at] OR reach out to me on Twitter (@MalloryInNYC).

      So there we go. I guess overall I'm looking for a more professional look, while still staying true to my personality and the main components of the blog -- Girly, NYC, and PINK!!! If you have any suggestions, please let me know!

      Monday, November 7, 2011

      Versace for H & M

      As we all know by now, Donatella Versace has continued the high-low collaboration trend by creating a low-quality low-priced line to be sold exclusively at 300 H&M stores. At first glance, I have to admit that I wasn't a major fan. I mean, palm trees?! I'm from South Florida -- our signature tree is hardly cutting edge.

      But, after a few weeks of over-analyzing the lookbook, I found that there actually are a few cute, non-touristy pieces included. Check out my top six below, and sound off in the comments!

      Saturday, November 5, 2011

      Solestruck + Jeffrey Campbell = La Isla Bonita

      It's been a few months since I first discovered the sheer magic of Jeffrey Campbell [My New Obsession: Jeffrey Campbell 99 Tie Mint Suede Wedges]. I remember the day perfectly. It was back when I was still obsessed with all things mint green, including Doe Deere's Limecrime shade. I was wandering aimlessly through SoHo, and by some miracle, I ended up at LF. Of course, I just had to go in. And that's when I saw them -- the 99 Tie. I tried them on, and I was awestruck. I went home that afternoon and blogged about them, but somehow I never ended up buying them. I guess they're "the pair that got away."

      Fast forward about five months, and I'm now completely obsessed with everything Jeffrey Campbell. [Except the Lita. I never really liked it as much as everyone else...] I now check Solestruck literally everyday, praying that they will somehow, someday receive more of the 99 Tie in Lavender (its much more standout that the mint, and much more practical for city life!) From Nightwalk, to Skate, to Tardy, I love them all!

      So, as the MAJOR Jeffrey Campbell and Solestruck fan that I am, I was insanely excited to see the new La Isla Bonita photoshoot in my inbox, which consists of NEW JC styles for winter! [You can pre-order the looks on Solestruck here.] Each piece is honestly incredible. I've displayed my favorite looks below. Enjoy!

      Friday, November 4, 2011

      Giambattista Valli.... for Macy's?

      My new obsession -- Giambattista Valli clutch ($69)

      Okay, I know I'm a little late to the party here, but I honestly had no idea that Giambattista Valli created a collection for Impulse at Macy's! That was, at least, until I wandered out of 'Clinique World' a few days ago and stumbled across the most incredible bag I've ever seen.... excluding Chanel, of course. ;)

      Emma Stone in Giambattista Valli.
      If you're wondering who Giambattista Valli, you're definitely not alone. My 100% heterosexual boyfriend doesn't know who he is either... Just kidding.

      In all seriousness, Giambattista Valli is an Italian fashion designer. He has worked with Yves Saint Laurent, which automatically makes him blog-worthy. He recently designed his first (!) couture collection, which you can feel free to obsess over right  here. His biggest client is Posh Spice herself, miss Victoria Beckham, as well as Easy A starlet Emma Stone. He even designed the gorgeous red and pink dress to the right! [read: Color Blocking Reaches New Heights: Pink And Red]

      Anyways, back to my 'little too late' discovery. So, on a mini-break from putting makeup on ugly people work, I decided to wander upstairs and browse through things I shouldn't buy rather than giving in to my caffeine addiction (yay!).

      And, as I was browsing, I just happened to stumble across THE BAG. You know -- the one I mentioned in the second sentence? Better description -- the one I'm now in love with! [above]

      The bag itself is ridiculously incredible. It has some gorgeous Chanel-esque detailing (the ribboned chains), but between the tan biker leather, the modern shape, and the bold stone clasp, it has a very modern, punk-chic vibe as well.

      If you love the bag as much as I do, you can buy it here for only $69!!!

      Or, if you think this is the absolute ugliest bag you have ever seen, then please, check out a few more of the soon-to-be sold out pieces below: