Monday, January 31, 2011

The Power Of The Shirt: Exclusive Interview With Rochelle Behrens

Rochelle Behrens tells us about her inspiration, plans, and female empowerment.

Rochelle Behrens is gaining more and more attention with The Shirt. And why shouldn't she? Her design recreates the classic button-down shirt, but in a way that strengthens womens' self-image of themselves. In our exclusive interview with Rochelle, she tells us about her inspiration, plans, and views on female empowerment!

ML: So I hear your career began as a lobbyist is Washington! Did you ever expect to end up in fashion?

Rochelle: No, I was in college, and I was double-majoring in Art and Political Science. After college, I had an opportunity to either pursue Art or Politics, and I chose Politics. But I’ve found that if you’re interested in something, it will emerge. I love what I’m doing now with The Shirt, because it’s merging two things that I care about so much!

ML:The idea of Dual Button Technology is so brilliant. Why do you think no one has come up with it yet?

Rochelle: I have no idea! I only discovered it because I work in an office.

ML: I see that you have three variations of The Shirt online. Do you plan to design more?

Rochelle: Yes! We wanted basic, but now we want to expand. I’m planning to experiment with new colors, patterns, and fabrics. We worked very hard to get The Shirt into buyers’ offices. Beginning mid-February, The Shirt will be featured in five Bloomingdale’s in America’s biggest cities. You can also find The Shirt at the National Jean Company in New York, as well as Wink in Georgetown.

ML:The Shirt is so representative of DC fashion. Where do you see the trends of DC going?

Rochelle:I see DC as a city emerging more, fashion-wise. There are more young people, making the city more fashionable as a whole. There are also more luxury goods available. And DC street fashion is becoming bigger and more popular. Female politicians are becoming more professional, and less conservative.

ML: Other than your own experiences, was there anything specific that inspired the design of the shirt?

Rochelle: Well I have to tell you, ever since I launched The Shirt, there has been a huge outpouring of disappointed men. But my intention is not to cover up, but to empower women to choose how far they want to unbutton their shirt.

Be sure to check out her website, and watch out for The Shirt in Bloomingdale's next month!

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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Hello Kitty for Sephora

Are you anywhere near as in love with the new Hello Kitty Collection at Sephora as I am?? I doubt it. As soon as I heard about it, I instantly knew it would be a hit! I was visiting home in Florida this past weekend, and although the beach was calling and the sun was shining, I couldn't resist wandering into the mall, and more importantly, into Sephora! And there, I saw it: Hello Kitty, sparkles and all, front and center, at Sephora.

Of course, spending $50 on a compact mirror is a bit ridiculous, even if it is covered in rhinestones. (I know, I can't believe I just said that either!) But, spending $16 on a far beyond adorable gold sparkly eye pencil isn't. Unless you ask my mom's opinion, but that's a different story...

I'm IN LOVE with my Hello Kitty Eyeliner, as well as the rest of the collection. If you haven't experienced the magic of Hello Kitty at Sephora just yet, you're definitely missing out! Here are the promo photos, enjoy!

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Lanvin's Re-Arrival to H&M

H&M Plans A New Clothing Line Consisting Of Recycled Lanvin Pieces!

Late last year, the world of fast fashion went wild when news broke that luxury brand Lanvin was collaborating to create a budget line for H&M. The day that it arrived, there were lines out the door of everyone who wanted a piece of the low-priced "couture". With all the media hype, it was expected to be a hit. In reality, it was quite the opposite.

H&M is a budget retailer, with pieces as low as $5.99. Lanvin is as luxurious as it gets, and although a great idea in theory to mend the two, the resulting line was priced far too high for H&M's traditional customer base. The line didn't sell nearly as well as expected, and in result, there were hundreds of leftover pieces that could not be sold. Instead of donating them, H&M simply threw them away, and became the victim of a major PR scandal.

In the fast-paced world of fashion, nothing stays news for long. H&M has seemed to bounce back from the criticisms late last year, and has just announced plans for a new line called "Waste". Although not the most appealing of titles, Waste will appeal to everyone following the eco-friendly trends in fashion. The new line will consist solely of leftover pieces from the Lanvin collection. The pieces are recycled into new garments in hopes that they will now be sold.

The first thought that comes to mind is the question of who would actually want to buy rejected clothes that are recycled and resold. The next thought is that H&M's PR team is absolutely brilliant. Instead of creating a new line from scratch, they're simply recreating a past line with pieces that are already made. They're saving so much time and money with Waste, and will no doubt get major positive attention from the press. Not to mention, everyone loves to be eco-chic these days. Although not particularly my taste, I'm rooting for you, H&M!

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Friday, January 28, 2011

Let Your Shoes Go Wild

The Animal Print Trend Is Bigger Than Ever In Shoes This Season!
In the city of politics and poise, we grow to love the simplicity of button down shirts and classic pieces that may very well be seen on Blair Waldorf during school hours. Not that there's anything wrong with that- DC's "conservative" style is preppy-chic, or at least that's how I like look at it. But just because a stereotype exists, it doesn't mean that it fits every style in the city perfectly.

Here's a prime example- animal print shoes. Although animal print is always in style, the trend started to spread rapidly towards the end of last year. Now, in late January, it's bigger than ever!

Animal print shoes will stay at the top of the trends list throughout the Spring season. I suggest the Kate Spade Leopard-Print Calfhair Slingbacks pictured above. They're a bit splurge-worthy, priced at $398, but totally worth it! If they're out of your reach, don't fret- there's a world of alternatives just waiting to be added to your closet. Don't be left without a piece of the jungle cat trend!

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Add Some Flare To Your Style!

Spring Is Bringing Back 70's Styled Bell Bottoms!

Although we're still in January, we can't help but get excited for the 70's-inspired trends that we'll be seeing this Spring! In addition to the stylish flower pins that are quickly gaining popularity once again, be sure to expect flared leg jeans to show up everywhere from Forever 21 to Derek Lam's Spring Collection.

70's trends have always been present in mainstream fashion- think of the Hippie-inspired floral prints, flare leg jeans, and minimal styling techniques that somehow creep up on runways each season. Although consistently present, the influence of the 70's on fashion is never quite the same. Sometimes it's so apparent that styles are practically screaming "Woodstock!", and other seasons, it's so slight that its almost invisible to the fashion-untrained eye.

This season, although not as major as full-out bell bottoms, flare-legged jeans are definitely coming back! Their arrival is undeniable, as they've already been seen on the Spring 2011 runways of Derek Lam, Celine, D & G, Elie Tahari, Dries Van Noten, Badgley Mischka, Theyskens’ Theory, and Thakoon. My advice? Get ready to grab some flared leg jeans and embrace your inner flower child!

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Style Star: Leighton Meester

Watch Out For Leighton Meester's Major Influence On Fashion This Year!

To most of the world, Leighton Meester is no more than Blair Waldorf, the prim and proper sidekick to Serena Van Der Woodsen on Gossip Girl. But if you look closely, Leighton is beautifully poised with perfect features and feminine charm, and she's been acting circles around the rest of the cast for almost four years and counting.

In 2009, Leighton was noticed for her perfect hair and skin, and starred in the advertising campaigns for Clearasil and Sunsilk, respectively. She has also been featured as the face for Reebok and the Korean clothing line ASK Enquired.

Currently, Leighton is the spokesperson for Herbal Essences. It was recently announced that Leighton was chosen as the face for Vera Wang's upcoming fragrance, due to hit stores this summer. (Preview from the photoshoot to the left!) Vera stated that Leighton's "beauty, talent and spirit will inspire all the young women that I hope will enjoy this passionate, new young fragrance." Also, Leighton was just named the new face of Missoni's Spring/Summer 2011 campaign and South Korean makeup brand eSpoir.

Leighton's on-screen and off-screen style are both equally praise-worthy. As preppy-chic Upper East Side queen Blair Waldorf, Leighton makes the traditionally bland private school uniform look incredibly envy-inducing. She's the only person who can make headbands look glamorous year-round, if even at all, and her simple yet sophisticated school girl style is catching on- take a look at Vera Wang's Preppy Princess advertising campaigns, and tell me its NOT undeniably Blair!

As for her off-screen persona, Leighton wears a toned-down verson of Blair's style, usually opting for pale shades that complement her fair complection. She looked elegant as ever at the Golden Globes this year, wearing a dress from the Burberry Prorsum Collection, and accessorizing with a Louis Vuitton Clutch, Cathy Waterman jewelry, and Jimmy Choo shoes.

If you love Leighton Meester even half as much as I do, then get excited for 2011! She stars in 4 movies, films the 5th season of Gossip Girl, and is the face of 3 major advertising campaigns (and counting!). This is your year, Leighton!

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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Wonder Woman's Grand Arrival To SoHo

Check Out The Limited Time Pop-Up Shop!

MAC's new Wonder Woman Collection has already been announced, and will be launching nation-wide February 10th. We discussed the line last week in Glam Damn It, unveiling everything from the products to the packaging. (Check out the article here!) Here in Manhattan, we're lucky enough to get the first look!

About 2 hours ago, MAC opened its Wonder Woman pop-up shop in SoHo. The decor is exactly as fabulous as you'd expect- Giant cardboard cutouts of Wonder Woman and her new makeup in her signature colors (bright yellow, red, and blue!) The theme store has an overall retro feeling, which only adds to the excitement for the new line!

The address is 109 Spring Street. It'll only be around for the next two weeks, so go check it out- we promise you'll LOVE it!

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Flower Power

Channel Your Inner Carrie Bradshaw This Spring With Flower Pins!

Flowers are beautiful. There's no doubt about it- whether planted, or gifted, or worn, they're gorgeous. Flowers in fashion create an image of fantasy and whimsical daydreaming, and are beautifully feminine. Flowers first appeared in fashion during the 60's- the age of Flower Power and brightly dressed hippies- and we've loved them ever since! Although not as heavily seen in mainstream style after that period, they still show up every now and then.

In the late 90's, the flower returned in the wardrobe of Carrie Bradshaw, but this time as a pin rather than a pattern. Carrie was, and still is, a major fashion icon, even though she's fictional. She accessorizes with flowers that she attaches to her clothes, which complete each outfit in a very Bradshaw-esque way, unique to only Carrie herself. In the 2008 film , Carrie exhibited her love of flowers more than ever during the first scene, wearing a gorgeous white dress with a shimmering gold flower on the shoulder.

This year, Banana Republic is also channeling a similar charm, incorporating flower pins in their Spring/Summer 2011 collection. The collection has a whimsical girly feeling, and uses floral accents to help convey it.

This Spring, we'll see floral inspirations everywhere, but this time they'll be 3-dimensional. The unique style of the flower will continue to spread as the season progresses, so wear a pin and make Carrie proud!

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Mother of costume Pearl

Take A Nod From Old Hollywood Glamour This Spring!

Whether they're real or fake, pearls are always in style. Their classic look is associated with sophistication, grace, and feminine charm. The moment a pearl necklace is added to an outfit, it is transformed from a few paired separates, to a beautifully polished ensemble. This holds true more than anywhere in Washington DC, where the idea of style is tailored and polished.

Although it is always preferred to wear the real thing rather than a knockoff, pearls are becoming an exception. The economy is continuing to take a toll on our stylistic choices, making real pearls a little out of reach for most. In the past, it was socially unacceptable to wear fake pearls over the age of 14, but now, it is becoming more and more accepted. The main reason for this exception is that fake pearls look so much like the real thing, it is almost impossible to notice the difference without being up close.

This Spring, costume pearls will be seen on everyone from Chanel models to Blake Lively, and they will definitely not be considered tacky! In fact, costume pearls help recreate the image of old Hollywood glamour- just think Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany's! Costume pearls will be seen on every imaginable accessory- purses, watches, rings, earrings, and necklaces. (Check out this necklace from Banana Republic!) Embrace the "piled-on" look- you'll look glamorous without breaking your wallet!

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Mother of Costume Pearl

Take A Nod From Old Hollywood Glamour This Spring!

Whether they're real or fake, pearls are always in style. Their classic look is associated with sophistication, grace, and feminine charm. The moment a pearl necklace is added to an outfit, it is transformed from a few paired separates, to a beautifully polished ensemble. This holds true more than anywhere in Washington DC, where the idea of style is tailored and polished.

Although it is always preferred to wear the real thing rather than a knockoff, pearls are becoming an exception. The economy is continuing to take a toll on our stylistic choices, making real pearls a little out of reach for most. In the past, it was socially unacceptable to wear fake pearls over the age of 14, but now, it is becoming more and more accepted. The main reason for this exception is that fake pearls look so much like the real thing, it is almost impossible to notice the difference without being up close.

This Spring, costume pearls will be seen on everyone from Chanel models to Blake Lively, and they will definitely not be considered tacky! In fact, costume pearls help recreate the image of old Hollywood glamour- just think Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany's! Costume pearls will be seen on every imaginable accessory- purses, watches, rings, earrings, and necklaces. (Check out this necklace from Banana Republic!) Embrace the "piled-on" look- you'll look glamorous without breaking your wallet!

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Home Sweet Apple Home

Bare Designs The Most Stylish Home Your iPad Will Ever See!

Earlier this year, a new product ventured into the world of Apple. Smaller than a Mac, but larger than an iPhone, the iPad was born. Originally mocked for being frivilous, the iPad has quickly become a necessity. And, as every fashionista knows, the key to being stylish is accessorizing. But how do you accessorize technology? We all remember the awkward cell-phone cases that never seemed to quite catch on, but today is a new day, and Bare has a solution.

Newly introduced into the Bare Collection comes two options for iPad carriers- the Basic Foldover and the Bells & Whistles Case. Both incorporate function and fashion, resulting in an incredibly stylish portable home for your iPad!

Priced at $288.00 is the Basic Foldover. It's simple yet chic, and the absolute perfect size for an iPad! The Basic Foldover is 11" by 8.5", and comes in Black, Cognac, and Dark Grey. The 46" chain strap disguises the Basic Foldover perfectly as a clutch.

As always, there is an enhanced version of everything stylish. The Bells & Whistles Case is no exception. Price slightly higher at $391.00, the Bells & Whistles Case boasts 2 iPad storage options, 2 built-in pen holders, and 3 angle options, as well as plenty of room for notes. The dimensions are the same, but the Bells & Whistles Case is twice as deep. The optional shoulder strap is 20", and the crossbody strap is 48".

Both options are functional chic, and whichever you choose for your lucky iPad, you can't go wrong!

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Monday, January 24, 2011

Jason Wu Handbag Debut

See Jason Wu's New Handbag Line- Before it Hits Shelves!

New York-based fashion designer Jason Wu is one of today's fastest rising designers. Beginning as a doll designer at age 16, Jason Wu has gone on to design for Ivana Trump, January Jones, and Amber Valletta. He is also coming out with a line of nail polish this May. But perhaps Wu's biggest claim to fame is that he is one of the favorite designers of First Lady Michelle Obama. Or at least he seems to be. She has worn his designs on the cover of Vogue, a segment on a Barbara Walters Special, and countless other appearances.

In no hurry to slow down, Jason Wu launches his long-awaited handbag collection this spring! Before it's available in stores, there will be trunk shows at a few locations around the country. You can see Jason Wu's designs firsthand on January 28, from 10am to 4pm at Neiman Marcus in San Francisco. Get ready to make a super-long mental list of the bags you'll buy when the collection FINALLY hits stores. And the best part? You don't have to spend ANY money- yet!

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Bless Your Sexy Red Heart.... With New Shoes And A Clutch!

ShoeDazzle Supports A Great Cause With New Designs!

Get ready to be charitable and look fashionable with the help of Kim Kardashian's mega-successful online retailer, ShoeDazzle! American Heart Month begins in February, and to help spread awareness of Cardiovascular diseases, ShoeDazzle is offering two special products: A pair of red pumps, and a brilliant red clutch!

We all remember the last charitable look created by ShoeDazzle- those gorgeous hot pink pumps that graced the online shelves of ShoeDazzle in October of 2009. These new looks, which benefit WomenHeart, completely avoid the sophomore slump, as the pumps are a bright red, with a very Kardashian-esque leopard print interior, and adorned with a red bow on the front. The clutch has a simple-but-classic feel, as the sophisticated design has an elegant shape with red suede and a contrasting dual zipper.

They go together perfectly, but still stand out alone. If you haven't decided on your style for this month, then support Heart Health and get one of these new looks while they last! And if you are one of those few fashionistas who have not yet been graced with the knowledge of Kim's stylists, then sign up for ShoeDazzle today- you get your first purchase 50% off!

The Heart Health shoe and clutch hit ShoeDazzle Showrooms February 1st, but there's an exclusive pre-sale going on RIGHT NOW!

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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

It's Not Just Any Shirt....

Rochelle Behrens Left The World Of Politics for The Shirt!

Really, it's not. It may look like the same button-down shirt you've seen in Macy's time and time again, as well as the same one I bought in every color at H&M last season. But it is so, so different. The Shirt prevents against the dreaded gape, AKA the "see-straight-through-to-the-bra phenomenon", as Rochelle Behrens likes to call it, that is caused by the space between the buttons. The solution? Dual Button Technology rather than tape, pins, and other awkward objects that do not belong in a successful woman's shirt.

As simple as it sounds, it's a major breakthrough that I can guarantee DC women are thankful for. The guys? Not so much. But hey, they don't know how it feels to be overexposed! And hopefully, no woman ever will again, in Washington DC, or outside. The shirt is gaining popularity quickly- it was featured on Oprah last week, and will be appearing in Bloomingdale's later this year. As the power of The Shirt spreads, the gape becomes more and more extinct. Could a normal shirt do that?!

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Monday, January 17, 2011

See Oscar De La Renta's Spring 2011 Collection Before Anyone Else!

Attend The Trunk Show At Neiman Marcus Tomorrow!

Hispanic fashion designer Oscar de la Renta will be showing his Spring 2011 line at a trunk show- tomorrow! The show will take place at Neiman Marcus at 150 Stockton Street at 10am to 6pm. When you arrive, go to the Couture Salon on the third floor, which is where the show will take place. There, you'll get a first look at the Spring 2011 collection that will hit stores within the next few months! Be sure to check it out, and comment below to let us know what you think!

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Vivienne Westwood Is Coming To Melrose Avenue!

Vivienne Westwood's High-End Swimwear Boutique Is Preparing To Launch Their LA Location!

I first fell in love with Vivienne Westwood after sneaking into the R-rated Sex and the City at the age of 16, and then rushing home to find the name of the beyond brilliant designer who created the magnificant dress that Carrie Bradshaw was destined to be wed in (although in the end, she wore a no-name "sweet little suit"). I soon discovered that the name of this designer was Vivienne Westwood, and I decided that I was destined to wear the Carrie dress as well.

Still awaiting that day, I discovered that on Melrose Avenue, there is now a sign up for Shay Todd, Vivienne Westwood's new boutique that is going to feature high-end swimwear, as well as other trendy, high-priced beach apparel.

Many feel that it's not quite the wisest move for a luxury brand to open a new store in this still-recovering economy, but I say, go for it, Vivienne! It's a bold move, but if done right, Shay Todd will be a major success. And, a few magical times a year comes the true love of all fashionistas- Sample Sales!

It is still a mystery as to when the boutique will open, but when that glorious day finally does come, be ready to find the hottest bikini of the season. Shay Todd will offer swimwear all year-round, which is perfect for sunny LA!

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Badgley Mischka: LA Styled

New York- Based Label Badgley Mischka Opens Flagship On Rodeo Drive!

I definitely have to applaud Mark Badgely and James Mischka on a Flagship well done. The two now Rodeo-famous designers of the New York based label Badgley Mischka are holding an exclusive opening party for their new (and most fabulous!) store in March. But this isn't just a new store. It's their all-inclusive flagship, stylishly located on Rodeo Drive, in the same store that Julia Roberts was refused service in Pretty Woman!

The interior of the new store is femininely decorated with cream-colored walls, hardwood floors, crystal chandeliers, and French antique mirrors. As if the interior decorating didn't sell the couture and couture-esque looks on it's own, this new store has the never-ending space to display every collection of the glamorous world of Badgley Mischka, including the couture, bridal, and ready-to-wear lines, as well as the contemporary collection, Mark+James. The store also features Badgley Mischka-designed jewelry, watches, handbags, eyewear, fragrance, swimwear, and shoes.

The prices may be a little steep ($200 to over $5,000 for jewelry and couture looks, and ready-to-wear priced at $900 to $2,500), but it's Badgley Mischka, and they couldn't be happier. "We love the glamour and the history of Rodeo Drive and have been searching for the perfect space for quite some time," added Mischka. "When the opportunity [arose], we jumped at the chance."

As soon as Awards Season is over, Bridal Season begins, meaning that the already-devoted Bridal second floor will be filled even more with the glamorous wedding day looks that Badgely Mischka has yet to uncover completely. But as for now, I am very patiently awaiting the first sample sale.

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Super Mac To The Rescue Of Dull Cosmetics

Mac Will Launch A Wonder Woman Makeup Line Next Month!

I still remember my first gift from MAC Cosmetics- a feminely fair shade of pink lipstick, given to me by my oh-so-stylish aunt. That was at the age of 13, and ever since, I have fallen in love with MAC. But I'm not alone. MAC is one of the biggest names in makeup, and is constantly making headlines for new and exciting products- everything from Viva Glam Gaga, the gorgeously shocking blue-pink shade of lipstick that helps fund AIDS research (New version out next month!), to the new Wonder Woman Makeup Collection!

That's right. It was just announced that MAC is launching an expansive line of cosmetics inspired by everyone's favorite super heroine- Wonder Woman! The line comes out February 10th, and it includes bright shades of lipstick, lip gloss, mascara, eye liner, nail laquer, glitter, and eyeshadow quads. To accompany the actual makeup comes an eye brush set, face brush set, and makeup bag.

The line will come brightly packaged in loud designs of red, yellow, and blue (Wonder Woman's colors!). They will definitely stand out on the shelves of the black and white poshness that is MAC. I don't know about you, but I'm awaiting the day when I'll be able to put on mascara and save the world. It might be closer than we think.

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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Let's Do This Swan Style

Black Swan Is Having A Major Influence On Spring Fashion!

I mean, how could it NOT? Black Swan has grossed over $60 million, won countless awards, and stars the beautiful and talented Natalie Portman. As impressive as that may be, there are so many other films with popular stars and high profits. The lasting impact will come from one major aspect that we all noticed, fashion-obsessed or not- the COSTUMES!

The outfits in films that revolve around artistic performances like ballet, ice skating, and theater almost always include fashion that is to die for. Literally so in Black Swan. The premise is a bit too thriller-esque for my taste, but luckily I have been able to enjoy it beyond belief through the film stills and promotional photos.

Even without spending $15 at an overcrowded New York City theater, I feel like I have seen Black Swan. And I love it. The glitter, the lace, the contrasting black and white... it's beautiful. All of it. And it was all designed by Rodarte, a label started by two sisters, and based out of Los Angeles, where the trend is predicted to have the most impact.

We're obviously not going to see giant swan wings featured in Vogue this Spring, but please be prepared to see ballet slippers, ribbons, soft braids, sequined party dresses, tutus, and light shades of pink pop out everywhere from Forever 21 to the Spring Collections of Chanel, Alexander Mcqueen, and J. Mendel. Overdone? Maybe. Immature? No doubt. I am channeling my inner ballerina, and I could not be happier.

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Monday, January 10, 2011

JoonBug Babe

YAH. Soo, what's JoonBug? It's a nightlife company... they have blogs. The most important blog? FASHION. Duh. Or rather, "Glam Damn It". I followed the advice of a wise uncle, and searched Craigslist for a far-beyond-fab internship. And, as I want to be a Fashion Journalist (for now...), this was perfect.
I went on the little group interview (totally hate those), and I was definitely the youngest and least experienced. BY FAR. But somehow, I got it! Yayyy :D
So, I'm the Fashion Editorial Intern, and today was my first day! I am the best writer. BY FAR. (2X) I'm the editor, soo I'm in charge of writers in LA, Las Vegas, DC, Chicago, and San Francisco. As of now, here's what I do:
1. I tell them what to write.
2. I write.
3. I secretly hate my co-editor.
Anddddd that's about all! Haha be sure to keep up with my budding Journalism career, all of you non-existent people who I care oh-so-much about. <3

Hot Like A Reb'l Fleur

Rihanna Gets Ready To Launch Her First Fragrance Next Month!

We all know Rihanna as the crazy-trendy songstress who graces our iPods with her unique voice, and the red carpet with her unique style. And I mean unique in a good way. For the most part, that is. We all mourned the death of her incredibly cute relationship with fellow R&B singer Chris Brown, and have more recently learned of her breakup with Dodgers star Matt Kemp. But who really cares about love anyways?

The ever-present feeling of independence still lingers, as Rihanna prepares to launch the first perfume of her upcoming line of fragrances. The scent will be “fruity and floral”, and bottled in what was inspired by a stiletto heel. As a major shoe-lover, this elegantly styled bottle quickly caught my attention.

Launching next month, Rihanna’s debut scent will be titled “Reb’l Fleur”, an obvious translation into French glamour, meaning “Rebel Flower”. I can definitely see where this title came from, judging by her eye-catching lack of conformity, as far as stylistic and hair choices go. The name apparently stemmed from the nickname her grandmother used to called her, and judging by her fashionable boldness, I’d say granny hit the nail right on the head!

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