Tuesday, January 18, 2011

It's Not Just Any Shirt....

Rochelle Behrens Left The World Of Politics for The Shirt!

Really, it's not. It may look like the same button-down shirt you've seen in Macy's time and time again, as well as the same one I bought in every color at H&M last season. But it is so, so different. The Shirt prevents against the dreaded gape, AKA the "see-straight-through-to-the-bra phenomenon", as Rochelle Behrens likes to call it, that is caused by the space between the buttons. The solution? Dual Button Technology rather than tape, pins, and other awkward objects that do not belong in a successful woman's shirt.

As simple as it sounds, it's a major breakthrough that I can guarantee DC women are thankful for. The guys? Not so much. But hey, they don't know how it feels to be overexposed! And hopefully, no woman ever will again, in Washington DC, or outside. The shirt is gaining popularity quickly- it was featured on Oprah last week, and will be appearing in Bloomingdale's later this year. As the power of The Shirt spreads, the gape becomes more and more extinct. Could a normal shirt do that?!

(As seen on JoonBug)

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