Saturday, January 29, 2011

Lanvin's Re-Arrival to H&M

H&M Plans A New Clothing Line Consisting Of Recycled Lanvin Pieces!

Late last year, the world of fast fashion went wild when news broke that luxury brand Lanvin was collaborating to create a budget line for H&M. The day that it arrived, there were lines out the door of everyone who wanted a piece of the low-priced "couture". With all the media hype, it was expected to be a hit. In reality, it was quite the opposite.

H&M is a budget retailer, with pieces as low as $5.99. Lanvin is as luxurious as it gets, and although a great idea in theory to mend the two, the resulting line was priced far too high for H&M's traditional customer base. The line didn't sell nearly as well as expected, and in result, there were hundreds of leftover pieces that could not be sold. Instead of donating them, H&M simply threw them away, and became the victim of a major PR scandal.

In the fast-paced world of fashion, nothing stays news for long. H&M has seemed to bounce back from the criticisms late last year, and has just announced plans for a new line called "Waste". Although not the most appealing of titles, Waste will appeal to everyone following the eco-friendly trends in fashion. The new line will consist solely of leftover pieces from the Lanvin collection. The pieces are recycled into new garments in hopes that they will now be sold.

The first thought that comes to mind is the question of who would actually want to buy rejected clothes that are recycled and resold. The next thought is that H&M's PR team is absolutely brilliant. Instead of creating a new line from scratch, they're simply recreating a past line with pieces that are already made. They're saving so much time and money with Waste, and will no doubt get major positive attention from the press. Not to mention, everyone loves to be eco-chic these days. Although not particularly my taste, I'm rooting for you, H&M!

(As seen on JoonBug)

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