Friday, January 28, 2011

Style Star: Leighton Meester

Watch Out For Leighton Meester's Major Influence On Fashion This Year!

To most of the world, Leighton Meester is no more than Blair Waldorf, the prim and proper sidekick to Serena Van Der Woodsen on Gossip Girl. But if you look closely, Leighton is beautifully poised with perfect features and feminine charm, and she's been acting circles around the rest of the cast for almost four years and counting.

In 2009, Leighton was noticed for her perfect hair and skin, and starred in the advertising campaigns for Clearasil and Sunsilk, respectively. She has also been featured as the face for Reebok and the Korean clothing line ASK Enquired.

Currently, Leighton is the spokesperson for Herbal Essences. It was recently announced that Leighton was chosen as the face for Vera Wang's upcoming fragrance, due to hit stores this summer. (Preview from the photoshoot to the left!) Vera stated that Leighton's "beauty, talent and spirit will inspire all the young women that I hope will enjoy this passionate, new young fragrance." Also, Leighton was just named the new face of Missoni's Spring/Summer 2011 campaign and South Korean makeup brand eSpoir.

Leighton's on-screen and off-screen style are both equally praise-worthy. As preppy-chic Upper East Side queen Blair Waldorf, Leighton makes the traditionally bland private school uniform look incredibly envy-inducing. She's the only person who can make headbands look glamorous year-round, if even at all, and her simple yet sophisticated school girl style is catching on- take a look at Vera Wang's Preppy Princess advertising campaigns, and tell me its NOT undeniably Blair!

As for her off-screen persona, Leighton wears a toned-down verson of Blair's style, usually opting for pale shades that complement her fair complection. She looked elegant as ever at the Golden Globes this year, wearing a dress from the Burberry Prorsum Collection, and accessorizing with a Louis Vuitton Clutch, Cathy Waterman jewelry, and Jimmy Choo shoes.

If you love Leighton Meester even half as much as I do, then get excited for 2011! She stars in 4 movies, films the 5th season of Gossip Girl, and is the face of 3 major advertising campaigns (and counting!). This is your year, Leighton!

(As seen on JoonBug)

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