Monday, January 17, 2011

Vivienne Westwood Is Coming To Melrose Avenue!

Vivienne Westwood's High-End Swimwear Boutique Is Preparing To Launch Their LA Location!

I first fell in love with Vivienne Westwood after sneaking into the R-rated Sex and the City at the age of 16, and then rushing home to find the name of the beyond brilliant designer who created the magnificant dress that Carrie Bradshaw was destined to be wed in (although in the end, she wore a no-name "sweet little suit"). I soon discovered that the name of this designer was Vivienne Westwood, and I decided that I was destined to wear the Carrie dress as well.

Still awaiting that day, I discovered that on Melrose Avenue, there is now a sign up for Shay Todd, Vivienne Westwood's new boutique that is going to feature high-end swimwear, as well as other trendy, high-priced beach apparel.

Many feel that it's not quite the wisest move for a luxury brand to open a new store in this still-recovering economy, but I say, go for it, Vivienne! It's a bold move, but if done right, Shay Todd will be a major success. And, a few magical times a year comes the true love of all fashionistas- Sample Sales!

It is still a mystery as to when the boutique will open, but when that glorious day finally does come, be ready to find the hottest bikini of the season. Shay Todd will offer swimwear all year-round, which is perfect for sunny LA!

(As seen on JoonBug)

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