Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Best Winter-esque Nail Color

Even As The Winter Months Are Slowly Coming To An End, We Can't Shake The Desire To Hang On To The Beauty Of It!

As February is slowly but surely coming to an end, I'm beginning to miss wearing those gorgeous winter whites that have yet to be packed away until the end of next fall. It's a rather slow transition, as I no longer need my fluffy white NorthFace, but I'm not too quick to pack away my classic white knitted scarves. As our winter clothes fade out of existence (at least until November!), the key to keeping the winter look alive is in the small details of our daily look.

My solution lies in our nails- nail polish is a quick and easy way to accessorize, as our nails only take 15 minutes (at most!) to paint, and they stay perfect for up to 2 weeks! I've found the perfect color- Alpine Snow by OPI ($6). The shade is as wintery white as it gets, and it makes your nails stand out far more than you could imagine! This snowy shade is an OPI classic, and I certainly see why.

(As seen on JoonBug)


  1. Love this Nail polish!!!

  2. Loved the white ! :D


  3. that nail colour looks great, I've always wanted to try it but think it will make me look even paler!



  4. I love OPI and I think I will have to try this out next season. Thanks for sharing :)

  5. I really love this nail polish color. You should see how this amazing swedish blogger wears it : http://www.andreahegard.com !


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