Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Beyond The Rack: Handbags, Wallets, And Totes

Beyond The Rack Unveils New Online Sample Sales Today For Handbags From Balenciaga, Bottega Veneta, and Ava Rose Handbags!

Purses are like shoes- you can never, ever, ever have enough! The main reason we feel this way is because there are just so many incredible bags out there on racks of posh boutiques, just waiting to make their way onto your arm. Beyond The Rack is definitely fueling our addiction today, as they unveil three new boutiques that are loaded with incredible bags and wallets! Here are our top picks from each boutique:

1. Balenciaga is a brand that very, very rarely goes on sale, so we're especially excited about it! Balenciaga's wide variety of bags are priced hundreds below their original retail price, and they seem to be going fast! We love the Classic Pompon Bag In Papeete ($1200, left)

2. Bottega Veneta brings us a wide selection of clutches in bright colors and metallics, all of which are almost half off! But even better than the bags is the adorable Thin Woven Leather Bracelet in Purple ($99)- it features high-quality bright purple leather braided into and intricate design that just screams hippie-chic!

3. Ava Rose Handbags brings a little of everything- handbags, totes, wallets, and key chains, all with chic designs of puppies, diamonds, cupcakes, hamburgers, lips, bikinis, and so many more! I almost think their products are a bit too good to be true- they're priced extremely, extremely low, not that we have a problem with that! Our favorite? The Scot the Scottie Wrist Strap Clutch in Black ($29.99)! It's so adorable, we can't resist!

(As seen on JoonBug)


  1. i just found your blog on ifb, and am now following! love your posts so far, this is a fun read!

  2. thanks so much!I always try to include a personal touch on my pieces, such as my favorite items from each sample sale!
    and thanks for the support elizabeth, i'm now following you as well :)

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  4. ps. I am also a proud vegetarian :D yay lol

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