Monday, February 28, 2011

The Body Shop for Sephora

The Body Shop Is Creating A New Line To Be Sold Exclusively Through Sephora!

The Body Shop has announced that it will create an exclusive line to be sold through Sephora. The collection will include some of The Body Shop’s signature products, such as Body Botters, Vitamin C Facial radiance Kit, DeoDry Dry-Effect Deodorants, Peppermint Cooling Foot Set, and a Hemp Hand Protector Duo Set.

"[Sephora] is the kind of place our customer would expect to find us," says Phil Kowalczyk, president of The Body Shop. Kowalczyk is hoping that the collaboration will help The Body Shop gain more exposure. "We get a double benefit as our customers get additional outlets and the Sephora customer, in some cases, can rediscover the brand.”

The new collection hits 140 Sephora locations this week.


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