Monday, February 21, 2011

Brett Loewenstern: Friend, Classmate, And Future American Idol

You know him from American Idol- he's that adorably sweet kid from Boca Raton, FL with the big red hair and the inspiring attitude who thrilled the judges and captured America's heart. Well, I know him from school- Spanish River Community High School.
I first met Brett three years ago during my Junior year of high school when my boyfriend introduced us, and he remembered me ever since! Brett is probably one of the sweetest guys around. Every Friday for the rest of my high school days, I would always see Brett at least once, and I would get a "Happy Shabbat" from him. We're both Jewish! :)
Brett always had the most adorable personality. He literally knew the ENTIRE school! And honestly, everyone loved him. He would bring his guitar to school and perform for whoever would listen, and he was always awesome.
Last August, after I had already graduated, I learned that 16-year-old Brett was auditioning for American Idol. He made it, obviously. I mean, this kid is INCREDIBLE! It's hard to believe that anyone ever bullied him, because his positive spirit is impossible to hate.
As we've seen by now, Brett has made it past round after round, and he's still a crowd favorite! During group week, Brett invited another contestant (who was rejected from his former group) into his own group, which is truly admirable.
As I learned weeks ago (but was not allowed to mention publicly), Brett has made it to the top 40! That is honestly so incredible for a 16-year-old. His talent in unbelievable, and his message is truly genuine. He'll go far, and I'll be here to write about it.

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