Tuesday, February 15, 2011

HauteLook: Designer Sunglasses

Popular Online Sample Sale Website HauteLook Unveils A Major Sale On Designer Sunglasses, Including Names Like Fendi, Gucci, And Dior!

With Spring coming fast, we need to get our wardrobes in order for the new season much quicker than we thought. Shorts, tank tops, bikinis, and all the right accessories... So much to buy! Luckily, HauteLook is here to help! The popular online Sample Sale site began a new sale this morning on designer sunglasses, including the hottest styles of the biggest brands, at the lowest prices! Here's the list of the top 12 featured brands, as well as my top pick for each!

1. Alexander McQueen. The selection of Alexander McQueen sunglasses include both dark shades and colored shades, and both thick frame and frameless styles. My pick are the Alexander McQueen Women's Sunglasses ($116).

2. Fendi. The Fendi boutique is by far my favorite! I have two picks: Both the Fendi Women's Sunglasses in Antique Rose ($101) as well as the Fendi Women's Sunglasses in Burgundy ($101).

3.Gucci. The Gucci boutique features different styles with the same general trend: thin, shaded lenses and solid frames, complete with the ever-stylish Gucci logo on the side! I love the Gucci Women's Sunglasses in Black ($155).

4. Prada. The selection of Prada sunglasses brings us aviator styles in bright colors! The Prada Women's Sunglasses in Blue give us just the right amount of a nautical look that will be perfect for Spring!

5. Christian Dior. The Christian Dior sunglasses available are rectangular lenses with thick frames. I pick the dark-colored Christian Dior Women's Shaded 2/S Sunglasses ($169).

6. Marc Jacobs. Marc jacobs has one of the biggest selections today! The styles are so varied- some oversized, some rectangular, and some Gaga-esque robotic lenses. My favorite are the Marc Jacobs Unisex Glasses ($130, left), although I do not understand how their fun pink color makes them unisex!

7. Roberto Cavalli. Roberto Cavalli goes for the posh, oversized look. I absolutely love the Robert Cavalli Women's Sunglasses in Black ($109, above)- their leopard print side frame makes them unique!

8. Just Cavalli. Just Cavalli brings us just a few of the best oversized styles! My pick are the Just Cavalli Women's Sunglasses in Lavender ($63, above).

9. Kate Spade. Kate Spade brings us classic looks in a few styles, each with her signature logo on the side! My pick are the Kate Spade Women's Nora Sunglasses ($74)- their black and white criss-cross side print definitely stands out!

10. Ralph Lauren. There are only a few styles by Ralph Lauren, but they're adorable! My pick are the Ralph Lauren Women's Sunglasses in Tortoise ($70).

11. Calvin Klein. Calvin Klein brings us oversized circular frames as well as small square and rectangular frames. I love the standout red color of the Calvin Klein Women's Sunglasses in Red ($56).

12. Tom Ford. The styles by Tom Ford resemble oversized, stylish cat eyes (in a good way!). The Tom Ford Women's Sunglasses in Brown ($124) are my pick!

(As seen on JoonBug)

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