Monday, January 10, 2011

JoonBug Babe

YAH. Soo, what's JoonBug? It's a nightlife company... they have blogs. The most important blog? FASHION. Duh. Or rather, "Glam Damn It". I followed the advice of a wise uncle, and searched Craigslist for a far-beyond-fab internship. And, as I want to be a Fashion Journalist (for now...), this was perfect.
I went on the little group interview (totally hate those), and I was definitely the youngest and least experienced. BY FAR. But somehow, I got it! Yayyy :D
So, I'm the Fashion Editorial Intern, and today was my first day! I am the best writer. BY FAR. (2X) I'm the editor, soo I'm in charge of writers in LA, Las Vegas, DC, Chicago, and San Francisco. As of now, here's what I do:
1. I tell them what to write.
2. I write.
3. I secretly hate my co-editor.
Anddddd that's about all! Haha be sure to keep up with my budding Journalism career, all of you non-existent people who I care oh-so-much about. <3

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