Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Q & A With Indu Arora of Rockchiq

Indu Arora of Rockchiq Tells Us About Her Inspiration, Designs, And Plans In And Exclusive Interview!
Rockchiq may have been launched in 2008, but Indu Aurora (The Rockchiq Designer!) is certainly not a newbie! In an exclusive interview with JoonBug, Indu gave us some insight into her inspiration, designs, and plans:

ML: Where do you get your design inspiration?

Indu: I came to this country in 1998- it was a great year. I’m inspired by Sex and the City. I also love colors and fun, young designs.

ML: How did you get into designing?

Indu: Before I launched Rockchiq, I was freelancing. In 2008, I was so passionate, I just had to launch the line already! People saw it, and that they liked it. That definitely boosted my inspiration. I launched a sample collection and I never stopped.

ML: How would you describe the Rockchiq Style?

Indu: Rockchiq is an urban clothing line. Its sophisticated, edgy, and unique. It also has a lot of fun patterns.

ML: What are you planning next for Rockchiq?

Indu: I’m planning a Resort Collection, a Bridal Collection, and a Swim Collection. I’m also planning to make a line using only black and white, which I’m looking forward too! I want to collaborate with designers to put on more fashion shows, so I can market Rockchiq towards buyers.

ML: How does Rockchiq fit in with San Francisco fashion?

Indu: San Francisco fashion consists of a lot of party wear, cocktail dresses, leather pants, and dresses. I definitely want to make leather dresses and carry on leather.

Be sure to check out Rockchiq's collections, online shop, and Swim Line launching in April!

(As seen on JoonBug SF)

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