Thursday, March 24, 2011


Some blogging news....

First, my far-beyond-fab roommate Katherine Chaires just created a blog! It's called As Always, Kat, and it's awesome because she doesn't stick to just one topic! It's pretty new, but already, you'll find great posts about hair, shoes, interior design, and NYC! Check. It. Outttt. :

Second, I was just given an award! I received the Kreativ Blogger Award from Style [According to Me]! Thanks so much, I definitely appreciate it! Now, I'm supposed to give 10 facts about myself, so I'll try not to be TOO boring:

1. I joined an overpriced gym because they have strobe lights.
2. I'm Jewish, but I don't look it!
3. I was once considering a career in Toy Design.
4. I've never once driven a car.
5. I've been a vegetarian for 4 years now.
6. I like to make fun of people. (Only those who do something mean to me first, of course!)
7. I will forever love 90's pop music.
8. Every Starbucks employee in Chelsea knows how I like my coffee.
9. Bebe Zeva is my Style Idol!
10. #1 fact of life: Taylor Swift is the only one who understands.

Now, who will I give this award to? I'm supposed to choose ten, but it's super late and my mind isn't functioning properly. So here are my top picks:

As Always, Kat
Scarlett Letter Style
Catherine Ava

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