Thursday, March 10, 2011

Get Poisoned With Toxic Nature

Illamasqua Launches It’s Shocking New Makeup Line!

Illamasqua’s new makeup line, Toxic Nature, is based on the idea of nature fighting back against the genetically modified society that invades it. The Toxic Nature collection consists of acid-infused brights as well as muted tones. Here’s what Alex Box, Illamasqua Creative Director, had to say about the creation of Toxic Nature:

“Having an artist background highly influenced this collection. The medium of paint when it is in various states [mixed on a palette, on a canvas, the colours mutating when you wash your brushes] inspired the product colours of Toxic Nature. Blends, washes, dabs, drips, daubs and splashes of colour are evident in the imagery of the collection.”

Here’s a rundown of the products:

1. Cream Pigment ($17.00) in Emerge (Peach), Bedaub (Mint), Dab (Lilac), Hollow (Toffee), Delirium (Rose Taupe), and Mould (Grape).
2. Precision Ink ($17.00) in Glister (Glistening Nude).
3. Lipstick ($15.50) in Atomic (Fuchsia) and Flare (Orange).
4. Sheer Lipgloss ($13.00) in Torture (Coral) and Divine (Pink).
5. Nail Varnish ($13.50) in Purity (Peach), Bacterium (Pearl), Radium (Lime), Stagnate (Mauve), and Gamma (Orange).
6. Toxic Claw ($35.00) is a set of two false nails created by manicurist, Mike Pocock, and inspired by the colors in Toxic Nature.

Toxic Nature is available online today, and in Sephora this April. In the meantime, check out the crazy-bright ad campaign above!

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  1. Lovely blog. And the products seems interesting

  2. love their campaigns!

  3. Cool campaign. Pretty bright colors for Spring.


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