Friday, March 25, 2011

It's A Hello Kitty World

Let's just say, Hello Kitty is totally taking over. Not that I mind, of course! Here's the latest:

Hello Kitty Smart Car! It was first seen around LA, and now Soho. It's the absolute perfect way to look cute and save the environment!

Hello Kitty House! Here's some shots of both the exterior and interior. It's located in Shanghai, China, proving that the love of everyone's favorite Kitty is worldwide!

And last but not least, there's that far beyond adorable Hello Kitty makeup line at Sephora that came out earlier this year! A bit less expensive, and a bit more attainable, it's by far the cutest thing on earth!


  1. i love hello kitty!

  2. That it a lot of pink! I think I would go insane living in there. Does someone live there? Great post!


  3. Love your blog - it has such a happy and pretty feel to it!
    Marusya V
    p.s. Pink is one of my favorite colors too!


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