Tuesday, March 1, 2011

MAC is Jeanius

MAC's Denim-Inspired Makeup Line Is Finally Out!

MAC first mentioned plans for Jeanius, a denim-inspired makeup line, late last year, even though it won't hit shelves until March 3rd. As always, online shelves are a different story!

MAC Cosmetics began seling products from their Jeanius collection just a few hours ago, and we're psyched to finally get our hands on the denim-inspired cosmetics! Here's a rundown of the products:

1. Eyeshadow ($19.50) in Diva In Distress (gray with silver pearl), Motorhead (blue with copper pearl), Stove Pipe Black (black with copper pearl), and White Jeanius (white with silver pearl).

2. Lipglass ($14.50) in Docile Chrome (pink peach with gold), Indigo Pink (deep burgundy with blue pearl), and Painted On (grayish beige with gold pearl).

3. Lipstick ($14.50) in Acid Washed (grayish beige with gold pearl), Pretty Please (pale pink pearl), and Riveting Rose (burgundy with blue pearl).

4.Nail Lacquer ($14.00) in Biker Blue (black base with purple and blue pearl) and Frayed-to-Order (white matte with pink pearl).

5. Blush ($19.50) in Overdyed (magenta) and Pink Cult (neutral pink).

(As seen on JoonBug)


  1. i LOVE the lipsticks. and the design of the shadows is really cool.


  2. this is so cool. I have yet to try the MAC lipstick though! Nice post xx


  3. I Love MAC.. Can't go anywhere with out it,, Love this post!


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