Thursday, March 31, 2011

The Pretty Reckless in Union Square

As much as I love Blair Waldorf's preppy headbands and quotable dialogue's, the absolute best part of the CW's only decent show, Gossip Girl, is Taylor Momsen, when she happens to be on camera, of course. Not only does she have the coolest style and and even cooler hair, but she's the frontwoman of my absolute favorite band, The Pretty Reckless. (You totally expected me to say the Spice Girls, didn't you?!)

Anyone who has met me at least once is probably a bit confused when I mention that I LOVE Taylor Momsen. I mean, with my beyond girly, nothing-but-pink, sense of style, paired with my love of 90's pop music (Think- "Barbie Girl"), why in the world would I EVER like this trying-to-be-cool, faux-rock, TV star? Simply because, well, she's awesome.

As soon as I heard "Make Me Wanna Die", I was totally hooked... and think, that's back when the only Taylor worth googling had teardrops on her guitar. I love the Pretty Reckless- every. last. song. My favorite? "Since You're Gone." It almost makes me wish I had a horrible ex-boyfriend to hate...

But even more than her uber loud music, I'm in love with her style... I love the black. I love the leather. I love the studs. She represents my inner rebel, whom I would resemble if I spent my entire paycheck in LF Soho. I even considered dying my long, now-brown hair platinum blonde a while back, but luckily I have friends who are a bit more level-headed than I to talk me out of it.

And yet, I still love Taylor. Which is totally awesome, because after her March 3rd Soho show was sold out, I fell into a brief depression. But now, she's coming to Union Square. April 12th. 6 PM. SHARP, according to Taylor's Twitter. Be there, or be, well, nonexistent, because your life will no longer matter.

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