Saturday, April 30, 2011


Remember my post back in February (Style Star: Leighton Meester) where I talked about Upper East Side Queen Leighton Meester’s major influence on fashion? I doubt it, because I honestly had like 3 followers back then. But really, Leighton is far more than Serena van der Woodsen’s (Blake Lively) sidekick. She’s the face of Missoni, Herbal Essences, and now, Vera Wang’s newest fragrance, Lovestruck, which is due out in August.

Lovestruck is a modern day romance, with Leighton waiting on a fire escape for her prince charming. He brings her a bottle of Lovestruck, of course. Here’s what Vera Wang had to say about Leighton’s role in Lovestruck:

“When I heard tourists saying, ‘I want to look like her,’ I knew we were right on the money,” Vera told WWD. “There’s nothing like the real client in the street, and I mean the street literally — and in windows literally.”

When the announcement was first made, I found that beautiful picture of Leighton in the red Vera Wang dress worn during her photoshoot. Now, the print ad is completed, and its simply gorgeous! Below are some photos of Leighton, Vera Wang, the ad, the perfume bottle, and some awesome shots of the launch party!

Friday, April 29, 2011

Blake's New 'Do

As many of you know, Blake Lively isn't exactly my favorite actress in Hollywood. Actually, I find her pretty annoying, and I much prefer Leighton Meester, who is far more talented and beautiful. But somehow, I find myself caring an awful lot about her life and career.

Anyways, Blake's new hair was unveiled on Wednesday at the Time 100 Most Influential People Party, when she stepped out in a green Zuhair Murad gown and long, flowing red locks. It was extremely unexpected, but I'm not quite sure if I hate it. I mean, Blake certainly doesn't have perfect features, but she was able to hide behind the long, blonde hair. And now, its gone. 

So, the question remains: Why did Blake dye her hair RED?! 

"It's for the film 'Hick,' " she told People, which stars Alec Baldwin, Chloe Moretz, and Rory Culkin. "I thought [my character] needed red hair. It helps when you're playing a role, when I don't feel like myself. And I don't really feel like myself with red hair. I love it- I feel like Ariel."

Guerlain Terra Inca Collection for Summer 2011

This summer, Guerlain will launch their newest collection, Terra Inca. The collection has a Terracotta-themed palette, consisting mostly of bright blues, bold oranges, and red-browns. It's natural theme is inspiring, as well as incredibly chic!

The collection includes powder, eye shadow quads, creme eye shadow, and lip gloss. The Guerlain Terra Inca Collection will be availabile beginning May 2011 at Saks Fifth Avenue, Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus, Sephora, Bloomingdales and Bergdorf Goodman.
Terra Inca Star Powder ($70.00) including a highlighting Gold Beige and a Bronze-Tinted Pink.

Terre Indigo 4-Shade Eyeshadow ($59.00) including Simply Chic, Trendy, Fiesta Vibe, and a shimmery gold tone.
Ombre Fusion Cream Eyeshadow ($35.00) available in 01 Bahia, 02 Havana, and 03 Maya.

Terracotta Gloss ($30.50) available in 07 Salsa, 08 Mambo, and 09 Tango.
Khol Kajal ($36.00) available in 01 Black Frida.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Chanel Les Fleurs d’Ete de Chanel Collection for Summer 2011

Chanel's newest collection, Les Fleurs d'Ete de Chanel (Chanel Flowers of Summer), is very much floral-themed, as the title suggests. The collection includes vernis, suntan lotion, eyeshadow quads, and waterproof eye makeup.

The collection is avaialble NOW at Nordstrom. Below, I've included a rundown of the products, as well as promotional photos. Let me know what you think!

Le Vernis ($25.00) available in Mimosa Yellow, Morning Rose Pink, and Beige Petale Beige.

Soleil Tan de Chanel ($50.00) available in Bronze Corail and Bronze Rose.

Glossimer ($28.50) available in Pensee Coral, Aurore Peach, and Pink Peony Pink.
Soleil Tan de Chanel ($48.00) available in Sunkissed.

Les 4 Ombres / Eyeshadow Quad ($57.00) availble in Lilium.

Ombres Contraste Duo ($42.00) available in Khaki Discret Khaki.

Stylo Yeux Waterproof ($29.00) available in Rose Platine.

Rouge Coco ($32.00) available in Sari Dore and Gardenia.

P.S. Check out my post on Chanel Coco Rouge Shine from earlier this month!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

MAC Magically Cool Liquid Powder Collection for Summer 2011

The newest Summer 2011 Collection from MAC is the Magically Cool Liquid Powder Collection, which creates a cool, flawless look, even in the heat of summer! The collection is relatively small, consisting of only 3 different shades of powder: Cajun, Honey Rose, and Truth & Light.

But, as the makeup-obsessed fashion student that I am, how can I not love everything MAC? Although I'm unsure of how the "cool" tones will look on my relatively tan skin, I'm hoping for the best. And besides, the few promotional photos are absolutely gorgeous!

The MAC Magically Cool Collection will be available for $29.50 beginning May 5th. Check out the photos, and let me know what you think!

P.S. Check out the MAC Fashion Flower Collection. The promo photos have FINALLY been release, so I added them to the post! Plus, I'll totally LOVE the first follower who leaves a comment. :)

Scarlett Johansson for Dolce & Gabbana Summer Beauty

Not much is known about Dolce & Gabbana's Summer 2011 beauty line. Details of the line, products, and photos have all been kept under wraps. Not that we're doubting the D & G team, of course. In fact, we have complete faith, although the suspense is killing us!

Last week, the first of a few scarce details began to appear. First off, we've learned that the theme will be Italian Summer, which we couldn't be more psyched for. Honestly, Italian + Summer = PERFECTION!

Finally, perhaps the most exciting of all, the promotional photos were leaked! The campaign will star none other than famous actress Scarlett Johansson, in the gorgeous photo seen above.

(As seen on JoonBug)

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

L.K. Bennett's US Flagship

London-Based Brand L.K.Bennett Opens Its First US LOcation In The 900 Shops!

Originally founded in 1990 in London, L.K.Bennett opened its first boutique in the United States last week. L.K.Bennett has become famous for its elegant collections of women╩╝s shoes, ready-to-wear, and accessories.
L.K.Bennett has gained recognition for its high-profile clientele list, including the Duchess of Cornwall, Kate Moss, and Kate Middleton, all of whom adore the label’s signature shoe collection. In 1998, the equally fame-worthy Ready To Wear and Accessories collections were launched.

The vibe of the new store is just as elegant as the famous pieces that inhabit it. The romantic atmosphere is created with vintage Swedish accents and mirrored display units. The main color palette consists of light pink and equally light beige, staying true to the soft, yet modern, setting.
The store is located on the third level of The 900 Shops.

(As seen on JoonBug Chicago)

Monday, April 25, 2011

What NOT To Say in An Interview

As I mentioned in my post yesterday (See: Exploring the City: Part 3), I recently had an interview with Sephora. And, as should go without mentioning, although I have proceeded to mention it anyway, I LOVE SEPHORA!

Obviously, I’m not the only Fashion student, or the only girl, period, who loves Sephora. That said, there are many, many, many, many, many girls who would LOVE to work at Sephora, as I found yesterday. But, before being hired at Sephora, or any other self-respecting company, you must go through an interview. Most likely, this will be a group interview, as the interviewer will not want to waste their valuable time interviewing interviewees who should not be hired, on a one-on-one interview. So, they hold a group interview.

If any of you have ever been on a group interview, you understand that it can sometimes be intimidating if your fellow interviewees are older/taller/smarter/prettier/hotter than you. But, no matter who the competition is, it is always important not to get nervous, and to answer questions to the best of your ability, without sounding like a complete and utter idiot.

For those of you who have never been on a group interview, here are some things you shouldn’t say:

If the interviewer asks, “What do you do in your free time?”

Do not say, “In my free time I like to go on and research the new products and see what’s out and what’s online. I like to go on the blogs and YouTube and read all about Sephora and the new lines so I know everything about them. I love Sephora and Sephora is my life and I do nothing else!!”

Why not? Because, this makes you look extremely desperate and boring, not to mention fake. In school, my major is makeup (Cosmetics & Fragrance Marketing), and even I have more of a life than that.

If the interviewer asks, “Why do you want to work at Sephora?”

Do not say, “Oh, I LOVE LOVE LOVE Sephora! I’ve always wanted to work here, and I’ve applied so so many times but I never got called back and I’m so excited I finally did! I told my husband and I told my kids and I told my mom and I told my friends, and my one friend said ‘Don’t tell anyone! Or the Evil Eye will ruin your chances and take your life and curse you!’ But I couldn’t help it, I picked up the phone and called everyone else and I was like, ‘OMG, I GOT AN INTERVIEW FOR SEPHORA!’”

Why not? Again, completely desperate, pathetic, and needy. Of course, they want you to like their product, maybe even obsess over a new line for a week or two, but this is simply psychotic. No one wants to hire a crazy person.

If the interviewer asks, “What are your long-term career goals?”

Do not say, “Well, I quit my job as a receptionist after 6 at the YMCA to pursue my true passion which is makeup, but I know have to start small before I can do anything big, so that’s why I’m applying here, at Sephora. ”

Why not? First off, how do you work as a receptionist at the YMCA for 6 YEARS and not get promoted. And, if makeup is your “true passion”, than why were you content at the YMCA? Maybe they have a beauty section I’m unaware of, but honestly, there’s not much of an excuse for that. Oh, and above all, DO NOT INSULT THE COMPANY. You see Sephora as “starting small”? Fine, just don’t tell them that.

If the interviewer asks, “Do you currently have another job? If so, would you resign in order to work at Sephora?”

Do not say, “I have another job as an intern to the assistant to a Fashion Stylist at a small magazine. I work all the time, like 40 hours a week, but only for like 2-3 weeks a month. That’s my true passion. I don’t plan to leave but it’s cool cuz I still have a week or so each month to work and make money, cuz you know, you gotta do what you gotta do.”

Why not? Because, you have no time to devote to the company you’re working for! And if fashion is your “true passion”, that’s fine, get a job at Express. If you want to work at Sephora only to make money and “do what you gotta do”, then again, don’t tell them that.

If the interviewers ask, “Are you comfortable wearing makeup to work?”

Do not say, “I’m comfortable wearing a little bit. I like a natural look, not anything crazy like the girls who work here wear. I could never wear that. They look like crazy drag queens.”

Why not? WHY would you insult their employees?? Most likely, the person interviewing you hired those “crazy drag queens”! You’re supposed to identify with the current employees, not differentiate yourself from them. Oh, and Sephora is All. About. Makeup. If you don’t like that, why are you here?!

If the interviewer asks, “Do you have any questions?”

Do not say, “Do I have to wear Sephora makeup? Because I really like MAC.”

Why not? This one should be a no-brainer, but if you’re applying with one brand, make sure THAT brand is your favorite! And if you like MAC, go work at MAC.

Believe it or not, all of these exact questions and answers were from my group interview yesterday, and no, none of those answers were mine. These answers were said by the other three girls in the group interview. And no, I’m not kidding.

Some other tips:
  1. Use proper grammar. No gonna's, gotta's, or cuz's.
  2. Wear black. Chic, professional, and the main company color and uniform.
  3. Wear makeup. It should go without saying, but you'd be surprised how some people overlook this. they shouldn't judge on looks, but honestly, this is the beauty industry. They sell makeup, so wear some.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Exploring the City: Part 3

After two days of nonstop rain, wind, and other undesirable weather conditions, we were hoping for just one day of nice, Florida-ish weather. And we got it... kind of.

Today, we chose to wander into Soho again for two main reasons:
  1. We <3 Soho!
  2. I had and interview at Sephora Soho!
Once arriving, we found that the weather had definitely improved. No rain, no wind, but no sun either. But hey, a little is certainly better than nothing!

As for the interview, it should be known that I LOVE SEPHORA. Not that that differentiates me from any other girl in the universe. So, I was thrilled to be called back for an interview.

Once arriving, I met the other girls in the group interview. Nothing to be intimidated by, honestly. I'm not being completely shallow, but I could tell by appearance as well as body language and personality that they wouldn't be a good fit for the store. Not to worry though, as they're so desperate for employees, that the HR rep put an ad on Craigslist! (As opposed to only taking in-store apps like they usually do.)

The interview went great, for me, at least. Check out my upcoming post on What Not To Say In An Interview. Anyways, I'm pretty excited because
  1. They have TONS of openings.
  2. My interview went awesome.
  3. They're not looking for full-time, so I can still get an internship!
After the interview, we went to Starbucks, of course. The Soho Starbucks is surprisingly adorable. It has a very antique, coffee-house-chic vibe, which I suppose is the goal for every Starbucks. This store, however, was probably my favorite Starbucks in Manhattan (although they did mess up my Frappuccino!).

At the table next to us, there was a pretty, tall, blonde woman, holding a brochure for Couture Fashion Week. My mom, who talks to EVERYONE, asked her when CFW is. (It's separate from MBFW). She told us it was in September, and, assuming we were tourists, asked where we were from. I told her I go to FIT, to which she asked what my major is (Cosmetics & Fragrance Marketing). Then, she offered to let me help with the hair and makeup for CFW!!

Turns out that she's none other than Kelsie McKenna, Marketing Director for Couture Fashion Week, founded by Andres Aquino, who I was introduced to as well. Upon being extremely stalkerish and googling her once I arrived home, I discovered that she used to be a model for CFW! Here's a picture:

Well, today was about as makeup-filled as it can possibly get, and it was simply amazing. Once again, I'll say it: I LOVE NEW YORK!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Exploring the City: Part 2

After walking over 60 street blocks yesterday, my mother was having second thoughs about her visit. Not because she didn't want to see me, but because she was FREEZING! I mean, after living in Florida for the past 20 years, she was NOT expecting NYC weather. Oh, and she totally didn't get the fact that New York women rarely wear heels, especially when walking long distances. Today, she borrowed my clothes and shoes, and looked fabulous!

We decided to explore Soho today. We walked all the way down there and went to Starbucks about 5 times throughout the day. I tortured her by taking (more like dragging!) her into every single high-end designer store! Here are a few:

I'm not quite sure if anyone ever noticed this about Soho, but literally every store closes by 8 PM! Soho, in my opinion, is one of the trendiest parts of NYC. It's pretty strange that the entire downtown vibe literally dies before the night has even begun.

We ended up taking a bus back to Chelsea, which was a surprisingly quick ride. Unlike every other person living in the city, I HATE subways. I just find them dirty, which is why I typically walk everywhere, but I was completely exhausted by the time night came around!

Once arriving back in Chelsea, we went to my favorite sushi place. It's called Ichiban, and it's right on 7th Ave! They actually know my boyfriend and I, as we're almost always there. They actually know our orders by heart!

And for those of you wondering about my interview this morning, it went great! I met Stephanie, the owner of Market For Drama, at Le Pain Quotidien this morning. Her resume is rediculous- she graduated from M.I.T., worked at Rock & Republic, Cosmetics, and recently re-launched the Kardashians' skincare line! We ordered coffee and had a great chat, and long story short, Market for Drama is a startup site that sells high end beauty products. You should definitely check it out if you haven't already! If I got the internship, I would learn all about the industry and gain great hands-on experience. I won't find out for a few more weeks, but I hope all goes well!

As for my interview outfit, I went with my go-to look: Straightened hair, professional makeup, collared shirt, leggings, and boots. I know it may not sound too great, but I LOVE leggings! I wear them as pants almost every day. Some people may not think they're business-appropriate, but honestly, it's all about how you wear it. If you pair leggings with a concert tee, it's retro-chic. If you pair it with a collared shirt, it's business-chic. Both chic, but in a different way.

And as far as the boots, I have this one pair of Banana Republic equestrian-style rain boots that I wear almost every day. The weather is surprisingly unpredictable up here, and there are puddles on almost every corner. A trendy pair of rain boots is a MAJOR staple!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Exploring the City: Part 1

Hey everyone!

So, my mom got here on last night. She flew into Newark, and we went to my family's house in Suffern (45 minutes outside Manhattan) for Passover. Thankfully, we skipped the extremely boring seder, and went right to the actual meal! One of the dishes was extremely odd- brisket make with coca cola, ginger ale, and ketchup. Very strange.

We took the train in yesterday morning to NYC, and spent the entire day walking along 5th Avenue from the Upper East Side (around 75th Street)down to my apartment in Chelsea. It was so gorgeous, I absolutely LOVE the vibe on 5th!

We also stepped inside to Trump Tower along the way for coffee (of course!). My family LOVES Donald Trump, so that's definitely one of our favorite parts in Manhattan! If you haven't been there, definitely check it out- there's a Starbucks, an expensive jewelry boutique, and an incredible rooftop garden!

In other news, today is not only National Weed Day, but also, mine and my boyfriend's monthaversary. Yes, we still celebrate those! Every month on the 20th, we celebrate it. Today makes 2 Years & 4 Months!