Friday, April 22, 2011

Exploring the City: Part 3

After two days of nonstop rain, wind, and other undesirable weather conditions, we were hoping for just one day of nice, Florida-ish weather. And we got it... kind of.

Today, we chose to wander into Soho again for two main reasons:
  1. We <3 Soho!
  2. I had and interview at Sephora Soho!
Once arriving, we found that the weather had definitely improved. No rain, no wind, but no sun either. But hey, a little is certainly better than nothing!

As for the interview, it should be known that I LOVE SEPHORA. Not that that differentiates me from any other girl in the universe. So, I was thrilled to be called back for an interview.

Once arriving, I met the other girls in the group interview. Nothing to be intimidated by, honestly. I'm not being completely shallow, but I could tell by appearance as well as body language and personality that they wouldn't be a good fit for the store. Not to worry though, as they're so desperate for employees, that the HR rep put an ad on Craigslist! (As opposed to only taking in-store apps like they usually do.)

The interview went great, for me, at least. Check out my upcoming post on What Not To Say In An Interview. Anyways, I'm pretty excited because
  1. They have TONS of openings.
  2. My interview went awesome.
  3. They're not looking for full-time, so I can still get an internship!
After the interview, we went to Starbucks, of course. The Soho Starbucks is surprisingly adorable. It has a very antique, coffee-house-chic vibe, which I suppose is the goal for every Starbucks. This store, however, was probably my favorite Starbucks in Manhattan (although they did mess up my Frappuccino!).

At the table next to us, there was a pretty, tall, blonde woman, holding a brochure for Couture Fashion Week. My mom, who talks to EVERYONE, asked her when CFW is. (It's separate from MBFW). She told us it was in September, and, assuming we were tourists, asked where we were from. I told her I go to FIT, to which she asked what my major is (Cosmetics & Fragrance Marketing). Then, she offered to let me help with the hair and makeup for CFW!!

Turns out that she's none other than Kelsie McKenna, Marketing Director for Couture Fashion Week, founded by Andres Aquino, who I was introduced to as well. Upon being extremely stalkerish and googling her once I arrived home, I discovered that she used to be a model for CFW! Here's a picture:

Well, today was about as makeup-filled as it can possibly get, and it was simply amazing. Once again, I'll say it: I LOVE NEW YORK!

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  1. wow that sounds like such an amazing day !
    it's good that your interview went well, i would love to work at sephora!
    like your posts make me SO excited to move to NY.

    and meeting her was crazy and such a good opportunity!
    so awesome!


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