Tuesday, April 12, 2011

If A Goddess Wore Makeup

Q&A With The Owner Of Chicago-Based Eco-Friendly Makeup Brand

Sheila Hansen is the founder of If A Goddess Wore Makeup, a multi-line collection of eco-friendly makeup and skincare lines. She has worked with Laura Mercier, Chanel, and YSL, and was even personally trained by Bobbi Brown! Now, Sheila is using her industry experience to expand the knowledge of the beauty and benefits of eco-friendly makeup.

ML: How did you first become interested in eco-friendly makeup?

SH: Well, I was a makeup artist for 25 years. I would freelance for big events, and get a lot of free products, but I would always get allergic reactions to department store makeup. While working for Laura Mercier, I received free eye cream. I had always had sensitive eyes, but all of a sudden my eyes became swollen, and I had a rash for 2-3 days. At the same time, I was taking a nutrition class about eating for beauty. It talked about healthy skin care, which I never thought about before, even though I always did yoga and bought organic food. I decided to try chemical-free makeup, and it worked. I decided to be an eco-friendly makeup artist. Now, I carry 5 skincare lines and 5 makeup lines, which are all organic, natural, chemical-free, green products. Before me, women had to go to whole foods for natural makeup, but who would help them there?

ML: I hear you’ve worked with Bobbi Brown, YSL, Laura Mercier, and Chanel. How has that influenced If A Goddess Wore Makeup?

SH: Well, I got fantastic training, and I apprenticed with a photo makeup artist. I was also personally trained by Bobbi Brown in 1995, before she became really big. Bobbi Brown always wanted their makeup artists to be the best in the department store. It was great training, and Bobbi Brown was the perfect match- it was the most natural makeup line. Chanel is more glamorous, but I did my own version, which was very natural. I think the majority of women want natural look.

ML: What’s your favorite product?

SH: I carry a few lines, and they’re all upscale and wonderful. I love Envy Eco, especially their moisturizing foundation. Its natural looking, but still gives coverage. It’s also good for the skin. I read about it in a book called “No More Dirty Looks”, which explains everything in a simple and easy way. My second favorite product would have to be the blush sticks by Vapor Organic Beauty, which can be used both as blush and for the lips. The interesting thing is, no one else in Chicago offers these products. They’re the highest quality and the best ingredients- I don’t know how no one else offers them! If I’m interested in a product, I’ll ask, “Is there anyone else in Chicago who sells this?” If there is, I don’t want it.

ML: In June 2009, you launched If A Goddess Wore Makeup. What was it like trying to launch the line?

SH: I almost surprised myself actually. I was so busy right off the bat. I found there is a major interest in everything green. Women want to eat healthy, do yoga, and exercise. They want makeup, so it wasn’t a big challenge for me. Everybody likes makeup, but most of it has lead, like Dior, Cover Girl, and Chanel. I sell lead-free lipstick. Also, a lot of people wanted to blog about my business. I was just lucky!

ML: Where are your lines available?

SH: I have a makeup studio in home, but on May 1st , I’ll be in a retail location at the Andersonville Galleria (located at 5247 North Clark Street, Chicago) There are two floors, with 90 different vendors and artists, including photographers, painters, and jewelry makers- just any type of art.

To schedule an appontment, visit http://www.ifagoddessworemakeup.com/.

(As seen on JoonBug Chicago)

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