Tuesday, April 26, 2011

L.K. Bennett's US Flagship

London-Based Brand L.K.Bennett Opens Its First US LOcation In The 900 Shops!

Originally founded in 1990 in London, L.K.Bennett opened its first boutique in the United States last week. L.K.Bennett has become famous for its elegant collections of women╩╝s shoes, ready-to-wear, and accessories.
L.K.Bennett has gained recognition for its high-profile clientele list, including the Duchess of Cornwall, Kate Moss, and Kate Middleton, all of whom adore the label’s signature shoe collection. In 1998, the equally fame-worthy Ready To Wear and Accessories collections were launched.

The vibe of the new store is just as elegant as the famous pieces that inhabit it. The romantic atmosphere is created with vintage Swedish accents and mirrored display units. The main color palette consists of light pink and equally light beige, staying true to the soft, yet modern, setting.
The store is located on the third level of The 900 Shops.

(As seen on JoonBug Chicago)


  1. Gosh!!Love those shoes!!
    I'm a shoes addict :p
    Wish we have that store in Indonesia..
    i envy you
    very nice blog, btw

    check out my blog, just recently added new post
    i'd love to hear some more comments


  2. They're super cute!!! would love a pair!!!

    Just like you on your facebook page and left a link to mine!!!


  3. Ah shoes are my weakness - love these! :)


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