Saturday, April 30, 2011


Remember my post back in February (Style Star: Leighton Meester) where I talked about Upper East Side Queen Leighton Meester’s major influence on fashion? I doubt it, because I honestly had like 3 followers back then. But really, Leighton is far more than Serena van der Woodsen’s (Blake Lively) sidekick. She’s the face of Missoni, Herbal Essences, and now, Vera Wang’s newest fragrance, Lovestruck, which is due out in August.

Lovestruck is a modern day romance, with Leighton waiting on a fire escape for her prince charming. He brings her a bottle of Lovestruck, of course. Here’s what Vera Wang had to say about Leighton’s role in Lovestruck:

“When I heard tourists saying, ‘I want to look like her,’ I knew we were right on the money,” Vera told WWD. “There’s nothing like the real client in the street, and I mean the street literally — and in windows literally.”

When the announcement was first made, I found that beautiful picture of Leighton in the red Vera Wang dress worn during her photoshoot. Now, the print ad is completed, and its simply gorgeous! Below are some photos of Leighton, Vera Wang, the ad, the perfume bottle, and some awesome shots of the launch party!


  1. This is a great post! I love Leighton Meester. I'm following you now, hope you stop by my blog!

  2. Leighton Meester is gorgeous! I love her purple dress she wore! I enjoyed reading this post! I am now following :)

  3. i love your profile and you lists lol, and we have something in common; shopping to sickening heights lol, love this post so beautiful and just love blair/Leighton meester ! xx

  4. Another great post, love all the pictures!!

    Alicia Mi Mundo


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