Wednesday, April 27, 2011

MAC Magically Cool Liquid Powder Collection for Summer 2011

The newest Summer 2011 Collection from MAC is the Magically Cool Liquid Powder Collection, which creates a cool, flawless look, even in the heat of summer! The collection is relatively small, consisting of only 3 different shades of powder: Cajun, Honey Rose, and Truth & Light.

But, as the makeup-obsessed fashion student that I am, how can I not love everything MAC? Although I'm unsure of how the "cool" tones will look on my relatively tan skin, I'm hoping for the best. And besides, the few promotional photos are absolutely gorgeous!

The MAC Magically Cool Collection will be available for $29.50 beginning May 5th. Check out the photos, and let me know what you think!

P.S. Check out the MAC Fashion Flower Collection. The promo photos have FINALLY been release, so I added them to the post! Plus, I'll totally LOVE the first follower who leaves a comment. :)


  1. I have never before tried MAC, but I constantly hear amazing things about their products. This sounds like such a fabulous find for spring/summer, Mallory! :)

  2. Hi Erika,

    Thanks so much for being the first to comment!

    Can't believe you've never tried MAC, their products are awesome! And, they consistently have the best promotional photos.

    I definitely suggest you try it! :)


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