Friday, April 8, 2011

A New Outlook

Hi Everyone- First off, I'd like to say thanks to everyone for following my blog, as well as all of the awesome comments you guys leave. It makes my day!

Second, I know I post pretty often, but I'd like to post more. More indivial stuff, that is. I'm sure you guys have noticed that at the bottom of each page, it says "As seen on JoonBug", with a link you can follow to see the original post. Well, my internship is at, where I blog on Fashion, Beauty, and other fun stuff! Everything is featured on, but I like to post it here as well. Mallory In New York is sort of my life, in writing, and I like to include all of my writing on my way to becoming a Beauty Editor (or something linke that!).

Well, I love JoonBug and I'm thankful for it, especially for giving me a foot in the writing world- it looks awesome on my resume! The downside? It's not personal, except for little tidbits I add in that are easily relateable.

As things are right now, I'm rediculously busy- 21.5 credits in school, 25+ hours a week at Starbucks, and 15+ hours a week at JoonBug. Add in homework, exercise, and a serious relationship, and I have NO TIME to breathe. One thing that I'm sure will help- I just quit my job. I now have no income and will be completely dependable on my parents and boyfriend (AKA, I'm now the type of person I've always loathed!), but at least I'll have more time to devote to my writing.

I'm now working on getting an internship with Lovelyish (Check out my trial post on Taylor Momsen's style!), so I can bring more exposure to Mallory In New York, as well as write on a more personal level. I have a lot of trouble writing unless I'm forced to do so. I've also been applying around like CRAZY to magazines for summer internships. I want more on my resume, and anything helps. I'm also a COMPLETE workaholic. I'm in talks with people from Gotham, InStyle, Us Weekley, Twist, J-14, and many others. We'll see where this goes...

Back to my original point, I definitely want to start writing on a more personal level. I LOVE writing about beauty and fashion, and I'll continue to do so, but I also want to write more about my personal life. After all, I'm a Fashion student in New York City! It won't be too boring, I promise. In fact, I already have a few posts like that on the way. I'm just a little hesitant about making them public, but I've decided to just not use names. I'm taking Taylor Swift's approach: "If you're mean to me or break my heart, I'm going to write a song about you." Or, in this case, a post on my blog, and the same goes for if you're nice, and if you change my life.

In addition to adding insights into my life, I also want to start outfit blogging. I have a pretty cool sense of style, and I want to document it, but first, I need a new camera!

Please leave any questions, comments, and suggestions below!


  1. Good for you Mallory. Good luck with your internship. I can't wait to see what else you write about :)

  2. really like the picture, good luck on the internship!

  3. Good luck, and yes definitely try writing more on a personal level. I think your readers will appreciate it. Thanks for the comment you wrote about schools. It really helped a lot! Especially since I was looking at FIT.

    All the best and thanks again. Angel


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