Monday, April 4, 2011

Stylish Blogger Award!

Hey guys! I was just presented this award by Angel of Fashionably Numb ! Check out his blog- I personally love it, and it's one of the first I began following! I'm completely, 100% honored to be receiving so much praise lately... It's great to know that people actually enjoy reading what I write! So, here are the 8 facts about me:

1. In 10th grade, I went through my first heartbreak. He didn't like me, but it was OK, because I later learned he was GAY.
2. I've been dating my first (and only!) boyfriend for over two years now, and I've never been happier.
3. In fact, we just signed a lease yesterday for our first apartment together!
4. I always wanted to be a Buyer for Macy's, and I've planned on coming to FIT to major in Fashion Merchandising since I was 5. No joke.
5. It took my college English class (which I ended up getting a C- in!) to make me realize that I instead wanted writing to be my career.
6. My first internship, at JoonBug, is amazing, and opened my eyes to the wonderful world of beauty products.
7. Now, I plan to pursue a career as a Beauty Editor.
8. Last semester, I considered changing my major to Toy Design.

I choose to pass this award on to the following:

As Always, Kat
For The Love Of Beauty
Fashionista NY Girl
The Embellished Life


  1. Aww thanks so much darling! I have wanted to be in NY since I was 5 too. Fashion is a calling, sometimes you're just born fabulous, what're ya gonna do?!

  2. I love getting to know the person behind the blog even more! Great post

  3. Thank you sweety! Welldone to you! And congrats on the new apartment, hope it all goes well :D xoxo

  4. AW thanks sooo mcuh! I can't wait to post it on my blog! And congrats to you and the apt!


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