Friday, April 8, 2011

Taylor Momsen: Fashion Victim or Stylistic Guiness?

After almost four years of watching Gossip Girl, I am both intrigued and confused by Taylor Momsen. Known professionally for portraying wannabe-turned-rebel Jenny Humphrey, Taylor Momsen has gained widespread attention for both her role on the hit TV show, but also for her controversial sense of style. As her CD sales rise, her hemlines shorten, and are replaced by fishnets and bustiers. Many argue that Taylor Momsen is not the only celebrity to dress this way, but most opposers leave out one key fact: She's 17.

When studying Taylor's stylistic choices, I can't help but think that she looks ridiculously chic. That thought is followed immediately by, "What the hell do her parents think?!" When interviewed about fashion, Taylor talks about how she usually shops in thrift shops, only to then cut and dye the pieces until she's satisfied. If most people were to do that, they'd look insane. Taylor may look like a hooker, but in a way, it works!

What do you think of Taylor's style? Is she a trendsetter, or is she just completely insane?

(As seen on Lovelyish)


  1. yeah...unfortunately I feel she is another LiLo just waiting to happen. I admire the sense her style portrays but I have decency which I believe she lost along with her regular roles on GG.

    Spotted, Little J ordering life on the rocks...rock bottom that is. Careful J, the world is harsh when the lime light is gone.

  2. I love her and Gossip Girl.
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