Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Bebe Zeva's Enviable Life: Part 2

Exclusive Interview with Style Blogger Extraordinaire Bebe Zeva

Last month, we featured an exclusive interview with Bebe Zeva, one of our favorite style bloggers! Previously known solely as the ‘I Am Carles’ chick from Hipster Runoff, Bebe now runs her own style blog titled 'Fated To Be Hated' with her day-to-day looks -which are far more unique than most teenagers in the blogosphere.
Bebe has been featured in Nylon, Elle, Seventeen, and Teen Vogue, as well as a documentary made about her life that premiered in Soho earlier this year. In our last interview, she told us about her first visit to New York City, her opinion on the comparisons to fellow blogger Tavi Gevinson, and why she doesn’t like to be called a fashion blogger. (See our last interview here!) Here, Bebe Zeva tells us how she got started, how to be a successful fashion blogger, and why exactly she is ‘Fated to be Hated.’

How exactly did you get started in outfit blogging?
I had an account on Lookbook before I had a blog, so I used that platform as an outlet for expressing my style. As my looks grew in popularity, I realized that I needed to explain the inspiration and influence behind my choices. Having a blog was the best decision I ever made- it forced me to ask myself WHY I favor the things I do. It also encouraged me to formulate opinions on fashion-related facets that I normally wouldn't care about. I've done more research on runway shows and fashion houses in the last three months than I ever have in my entire life.

What are you planning next?

I have no idea, actually. I'd like to work more on my creative writing, like short stories and poems. It'd be great to find my voice in literature so that I can focus more on journalism.

Bebe ZevaAre you planning a career in fashion?

After taking a few courses in history, journalism, and design, it'd be lovely to immerse myself completely in the fashion universe. I've got a lot to learn for now, but at some point I'd like to write about icons, collections, trends, and subcultures. The most fascinating aspect of fashion is the sociology, and that's what I'd like to specialize in.

Where did the name 'Fated To Be Hated' come from?
I think "Fated To Be Hated" is the best explanation of my entire persona. No matter where I go or what I do, I am fated to be disliked by at least one person. It's like I was cursed with some hormone that turns people off as soon as they enter my vicinity. Always been that way, since first grade when I tried to fit in with my classmates but was essentially cast aside for having been "different." I was born in Florida, not Massachusetts like the rest of 'em. That sense of having been an outcast pretty much stayed with me for the rest of my career in middle and high school. Perhaps it's a self-fulfilling prophecy; I expect to be disregarded, hence I am.
Any advice to aspiring fashion bloggers?

Before you go about picking your URL and blogger template, ask yourself ,"what makes me more special than any other fashion blogger on the internet?". Once you find a concrete answer, write it down, and inflate

it until it completely consumes your identity. Every individual needs at least one 'it-factor' that sets them apart from the riff-raff. There are hundreds of thousands of girls and guys with computers who can recognize that Abbey Lee Kershaw has great street style, but so what? And why should I read YOUR critique of the Miu Miu Spring/Summer line? Give your readers a reason to trust your opinion. Show them that your style reflects a valid understanding of aesthetics, then they'll respect your thoughts on specific subjects more than anyone else's.
Bebe Zeva can be found online through her Blog, Twitter, Tumbler, and Lookbook.

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  1. very interesting interview. I did not know that blog which seems very beautiful and interesting. :)

  2. I actually found her through Tavi, but I honestly like her style better than Tavi's. She has amazing style and is a great source of inspiration. It is like she flawlessly can make anything look good.
    Great interview with her! I love reading more about bloggers! It can make you like someone more or less. And deff more with this one.
    Her name is so unique and it makes you think which I love.
    Good interview!

    (and thank you so much for all the tips! very helpful! i am looking forward to being in NY!)

  3. Thanks so much!! I'm glad you guys liked it... I'm a MAJOR Bebe fan, ever since discovering her last year.

    I'm fascinated not only by her style, but by her persona and attitude. That's the only reson she can pull off these looks! Also, she alternates between 'themes', which keep things interesting.

    All in all, she was a pleasure to deal with, and I'm thrilled that you guys enjoyed the interview! Thanks for reading!!! :)

  4. Thanks so much for your lovely comment Mallory! Any time you comment I will be sure to write back :) This blogger Bebe has such a unique style. Most people wouldn't dare to wear what she does. I like experimental dressers. I also liked her advice for bloggers too. You asked some good questions :)
    Love from Lou Lou xx


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