Sunday, May 8, 2011

Cirque Du FIT

As if its not obvious by now, I'm a fashion student. Just take a look at my sidebars... I go to FIT (the Fashion Institute of Technology) in New York City, and its completely 100% the BEST FASHION SCHOOL. Trust me on this one- Donna Karan and Michael Kors are both Alumni, as well as many others.

Well, although I love my school, I also love my boyfriend, who (obviously) doesn't go to FIT. He lives in Hoboken, about 10 minutes outside of the city. I practically live in his dorm room. His friends are my friends, and when I walk around his campus, its a rare occasion that I do not know at least 50% of the people I pass by.

The real Cirque du Soleil- Our FIT adaptation was a bit different, but just as fabulous!

So, since I'm almost never at FIT, I'm pretty out of touch with campus events. In reality, FIT's campus life isn't really that big anyway. I mean, who really wants to hang around at some lame movie night when you could be out clubbing at Webster Hall or Pacha? No one. So, it was quite surprising - to myself and many others - that I actually attended an FIT event yesterday.

The event was Cirque Du FIT, a carnival on 27th street between 7th and 8th Avenue. It was exclusive to FIT students only! I went with my friends Jen (City Style) and Sara (Sara Pollack). There was a fashion show, tye dying, Pita Grill, a chocolate fountain, Vitamin Water, and soooo much more- I tried a 'fried oreo' for the first time!!

Here's a picture of me that was taken at the event:

P.S. Like my dress? Well, I'm thrilled to say that you can look forward to my first "What I Wore" post in the near future, featuring my entire outfit!


  1. Great post and wish I could've been there! Good luck with your studies, if your blog is anything to go by you will have no problems!
    Will be following!

    Love C x

  2. your dress looks fab. can't wait to see your what i wore post. the TIF event seems to have been very nice. :)

  3. Thanks for stopping by my blog! I really appreciate your feedback. That's cool that you are in school for fashion. Good for you! This event looks really fun! I'm now following you! I would love for you to come back and follow me too if you want.
    Live Life in Style

  4. Hi there
    Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving comments. I love your blog and as an older lady I want to still be in touch with the fashion industry. There are so many opportunities for us now in clothes, make-up and shoes which are my total weakness:)

    Good luck with your studies - we are getting ready for exams and final assignments now so it is all go:):)

    Olga from

  5. sounds like a great place to study ! well done you ..w


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