Saturday, May 21, 2011

My Current Obsession: Jeffrey Campbell 99 TIE Mint Suede Wedges

After walking through Soho for countless hours yesterday afternoon, I stumbled into my absolute favorite store of all-time (seriously!), LF. I've loved LF as far back as I can remember, beginning the first time I walked into LF's Royal Palm Beach location. Simply amazing. It was fate!

Anyways, as much as I LOVE LF, I typically attempt to avoid buying TOO much from their stores. Why? Because its pricey as hell! (I'm just a broke fashion student, remember?) Every now and then, though, I do splurge!

Back to the shoes. So I was in LF Soho on Spring Street, just browsing through racks and racks of incredibly amazing pieces of fashion excellence (like my explanation? I'm totally rambling here, I know.), when I saw them: An incredibly, incredibly amazing pair of mint green suede wedges, made by none other than Jeffrey Campbell, of course! I tried them on, and they were simply incredible. Here are some pics:

Also, as much as I absolutely LOVE the mint green trend, not everyone does. You may NOT be into green, but that doesn't mean you have to miss out! They're available in other colors as well:

So, what do you guys think?! Love the shoes as much as I do, or totally hate them? And, how do you feel about the mint green pair- Do you love it, or do you prefer them in pink, purple, white, or black? Comment below!

Available HERE for $115.


  1. Ohh I think I love the mint color the best.

    Live Life in Style

  2. You can't go wrong with black, but I really like the light blue ones for Spring/Summer. Kinda different.

  3. Oh excuse me. I guess they're not light blue they're mint green. I like the mint green ones.

  4. Thanks for ur comment! I follow u too.
    ur blog is so cute :)

  5. love them! and love your blog sweety. I follow you

  6. I love wedges, but this pair isn't just as perfect as it could be, though the colors it's available in are cool!

    Juliet xxx

  7. I love them, especially in mint color. Thank you for visit and sweet comment..I am following back!:)

  8. I love those wedges too.. I wish I could have the mint one.. :D

  9. want one in pink :)

    your newest follower, Michelle

  10. Amazing! Loooove your blog! Following! Follow back? <3

  11. Ok not even kidding, i was just about to blog about the jeffrey campbell grey suede wedges and as i was looking for pictures i found your blog! btw love this blog and i want to be a fashion journalist as well!! Following you!!!


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