Thursday, May 5, 2011

This Week

Hey Everyone!

Let me first say that I ABSOLUTELY PROMISE that I will not make this BPT (Boring Post Thing) a habbit. I mean, my last post was simply me saying thank you, and I AM thankful, but how fun is that, really, for you to read?? Uhh not much, I'm guessing.

Anyways, I've been insanely busy this week- job-hunting, interviewing, and studying. I've had almost no time to breathe, let alone sleep! And on top of it all, I've been sick. Ughh :( I have either a paper or a project due for every. single. class. And, I'm in SEVEN classes! Plus, finals in two weeks. :/

So, I just want to let everyone know that 1) I have not died and 2) I have not become extremely boring. I'm just exhausted, but I'll probably have a fun new post up by tomorrow afternoon.

As for my life lately aside from the stress - believe it or not, there's still some left! - its been great! As I doubt anyone remembers, the lease for my first apartment began on May 1st!! Its really funny actually- usually, when college students or adults get their first apartment, its super dirty, super tiny, and super UNglamourous. Well, mine is awesome: Wood floors, granite counters, BIG rooms, and oh yeah, my boyfriend.....

That's right!! Me and my boyfriend of (almost!) two and a half years are FINALLY getting our first apartment!! :) I'm BEYOND happy, especially because absolutely no one else we know has their own place. Everyone else is planning to stay on campus! So, for once, I'll be part of the 'party scene'.

We haven't *officially* moved in yet, but we did bring over a few of our friends last night for a pre-housewarming party! Picture it- 7 people, 16 bottles of alcohol. I LOVE COLLEGE!!

Pictures soon.

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