Friday, June 24, 2011

Become A famous Accessories Designer With The Help Of Henri Bendel!

Established in 1895, Henri Bendel was the first retailer to introduce Coco Chanel’s designs to the United States. Throughout the brand’s long history, it has gained a reputation for welcoming new talent. Henri Bendel has helped launch the careers of Anna Sui, Todd Oldham, James PurcelI, as well as many other iconic designers.

Today, Henri Bendel no longer sells clothings, but has now shifted the focus solely to high-quality accessories and cosmetics. The company currently operates eleven stores, including six boutique-sized stores, four medium-sized stores, and a massive flagship on Fifth Avenue. And, multiple new stores are currently underway to debut late next year.

As the company is growing as far as selling space, it has also announced plans to add a new designer to its playbook. However, the new designer won’t be anyone you’ve seen at Bloomingdale’s. No, instead, the new designer will be unknown, but soon-to-be-famous. In fact, one of these new designers could be you!

That’s right. Henri Bendel is on the hunt for emerging talent, including amateur designers and fashion students who have a hidden knack for accessories. With BendelOpenSee, Henri Bendel is teaming up with Swarovski Elements to find, produce, and sell the designs of the next big accessories designer!

From now until July 21st, log onto BendelOpenSee to submit your original sketches of handbags, jewelry, hair accessories, scarves, hats, and small leather goods. After the deadline, the top submission will be created by Swarovski Elements and sold in Henri Bendel stores nationwide. And, for all of the non-winners, don’t fret – every submission to the Open See Marketplace will be available to Henri Bendel shoppers. So, win or lose, there’s still a slight chance you’ll be the next Coco Chanel!


  1. OMG!!! Thanks so much for the news! I can't believe this! I'll get to work NOW!! :D

  2. awesome post! so amazing :)

    happy friday!

  3. Wow thanks for letting us know! This is so cool that he's giving up-and-coming designers the chance to really showcase their skills! I know how tough it is to get noticed in the fashion industry...

  4. Wow that's cool that they focus on new talent and give new designers a chance. I love that!

    Live Life in Style

  5. Amazing opportunity!Valeria

  6. WOW...this is definitely awesome..thanks doll for sharing this with us.

    <3 Marina

  7. Hi there

    It is so fantastic to see support for emerging artists:):)

    Olga from

  8. What an amazing opportunity! How exciting!

  9. Great post! Fab!

    I was also wondering if you could vote for me? Its for an elle magazine contest.
    It only takes 5 seconds!
    Go to the Nokia facebook page and then press gallery and view by date. When you see ‘The Black Maze’ with my picture just press 'i like' and you've voted!
    Would be so nice! Thanks! :) x

  10. @Jennifer SAME!! That's one major thing I admire about the company. :)

  11. @Shasie Me too! I just wish I was more creative, lol.

  12. @Songbird I know! are you planning to submit anything?

  13. @sada I know! Let me know if you submit anything!


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