Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Interview with Lime Crime Creator Doe Deere

When Lime Crime was launched back in late 2008, beauty lovers and Anime fans rejoiced, as there was finally a line of makeup that consisted of bright, opaque colors, while still maintaining the high quality of department store brands.
We were lucky enough to score an exclusive interview with Lime Crime’s colorfully talented creator, Doe Deere. Below, Doe tells us how Lime Crime was born, where it’s going, why she’s called the ‘Unicorn Queen’, and why she thrives on the compliments of elderly ladies!

Mallory: How did your career lead to the creation of Lime Crime?

Doe: I started out as an indie fashion designer on eBay. Being a one-girl operation, I had to model my own designs -- and since I wanted it to look cool, I started doing my own creative makeup. In 2004, I posted my first makeup tutorial online and got a wonderful response! Since day one my website & blog have been known for expressing personality through color, and it's still the case today. The idea to start my own makeup line came to me in 2008, when I realized how few brands are true-to-color. I was disappointed with lipsticks and eyeshadows that went on sheer, and decided to formulate my own. Lime Crime was born in the fall of 2008.

Mallory: Where did your nickname 'The Unicorn Queen' come from?

Doe: I am a self-proclaimed Unicorn Queen. ‘Uni’ means one; a unicorn is a solitary animal  and, being a bit of an outsider, I can relate to that. My interest in unicorns - as well as other mythological creatures such as  mermaids - runs deep; I view them as symbols of beauty, strength, and individuality. I couldn't have thought of a better mascot for my cosmetics line!

Mallory: My favorite style blogger, Bebe Zeva, is a major fan of Lime Crime. Who are some other fans we might have heard of?

Doe: We love us some Bebe at LC - that girl's got killer style! Other fashion bloggers that have worn us are Tavi of StyleRookie, Cocorosa, Audrey Kitching, Hanna Beth. We've also had the privilege of seeing our makeup grace the faces of trend-setters like Taryn Manning, M.I.A., Robyn, Jesse J, as well as Adele and Elvis' granddaughter Riley Keough. Since our makeup is known for its lasting qualities, head makeup artists at both, So You Think You Can Dance and Dancing With The Stars use our products on the dancers. But my favorite is to see regular girls on our Facebook page wear and love those colors!

Mallory: How much control do you have over the design and creation of Lime Crime products?

Doe: Lime Crime is my brain child; I have 100% creative control. It's important for me to be involved in every aspect of the brand - from product development to packaging design to marketing to styling photoshoots. I started out creating color benchmarks myself, and I still do that. My work week is split between the lab and the office; at the lab, I work directly with a group of che  mists on developing shades, formulas, and personally test the products. I am definitely not alone though and I do have a great support team - not the least of which is my husband and partner Mark, with whom we brainstorm together!
Mallory: What's your favorite shade of Lime Crime lipstick?

Doe: Right now, it has to be Mint To Be! It's a pastel green and is such a gorgeous color for spring/summer! I get compliments from old ladies all the time when I wear it. (If something passes an old lady test, it's good in my opinion.)

Mallory: Do you wear any makeup other than Lime Crime? If so, what kind and what brand

Doe: I like Make Up For Ever, NARS, Lipstick Queen - anything densely-pigmented! I am not against drugstore brands either -- my favorite foundation is True Match by L'Oreal and my favorite mascara is Maybelline Falsies.

Mallory: I hear that your real name is Xenia Vorotova. Where did you come up with 'Doe Deere', and why do you prefer it?

Doe: Russian born and raised. I prefer Doe Deere just because it's such a big part of who I am. It started out as an alter-ego - the best, most creative version of me, so to speak - and eventually morphed into my everyday persona. I'm sure you won't be surprised to hear that I adore deer - gentle, graceful animals. (And yes, I cried during Bambi!) I'm a big animal lover and a proud caretaker of 3 wonderful cats. For this reason, our cosmetics are always cruelty-free and never tested on animals - a personal value that easily translates to Lime Crime. Most our products are vegan-friendly, too.

Mallory: What are you planning next?

Doe: We are coming out with several new, exciting products in the fall - stay tuned because I can't wait to share them with everybody! It's about to get dark in the unicorn-land... Because you can't have color without shadows.

You can find Doe Deere and Lime Crime online on Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, Doe’s Blogazine, and the Lime Crime official online store.


  1. wow i love these products..i was just watching the facebook page!

    great post..thanks so much for sharing!

  2. great posts.. wow she inspires me :)

  3. @Andrea Thanks so much!! Glad you enjoyed it & thrilled to find another lime Crime fan! :)

  4. @Karima Thank you! She's so inspiring. :)

  5. those photos are so cute! i love how colorful they are. :D

    p.s. come join my $100 Shopbop giveaway! :)

    <3, Mimi

  6. what great photos! and how cool does that green lipstick sound? i wanna try it!

  7. @Claire Thanks so much!! I'm insanely intrigued by the green as well- especialy since I'm INSANELY addicted to all things mint-colored these days!

  8. Amazing interview!!
    Monique xx

  9. Great interview and wonderful images! Well done! I love your interviewing style, as well :)

  10. @Kristen Thank you so much!! I'm glad to hear that- it took me SO LONG to get all the photos together! Its so hard to find the absolute perfect balance between images and text!! :)


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