Monday, June 13, 2011

Shu Uemura Ethnocolor Scope Tokyo Lash Bar for 2011

In1968, Shu Uemura introduced the concept “mode make-up”, creating a make-up collection of unique designs, colors, and silhouettes which aided in transforming make-up into the art form they are today. In other words, he’s the Betsey Johnson and Doe Deere of eye lashes!

In 2004, the first tokyo lash bar opened to great media attention and industry recognition. It began the tradition of Shu Uemura’s annual false eyelash collections.

Tokyo lash Bar’s 2011 collection is called EthnocolorScope. Focusing on the beauty of intricate design, EthnocolorScope holds true to the signature fusion of fashion trends, art, and innovations.

The collection is now available at

Ethnic Charm ($65.00)  
Lively and charming eyelashes trimmed with yellow, green and orange beads. The vivid décor on the tips of these lashes gives a fun, youthful look.

Tribal Patch ($28.00)
Wear these cheeky lashes to accent a casual look. Inspired by patchwork designs, they dazzle with striking colors, adding a rich graphic accent to your eyes.

Green Folklore ($65.00)
Intricately layered eyelashes with an accent of luscious feathers. This extraordinarily elaborate design creates a refreshing verdant gaze. The green-feather mini eyelashes.

Oriental Arch ($28.00)
The elegance of Asia inspires eyelashes with a rare splendor. A silky woven thread forms a unique arch shape to accentuate your oriental beauty.

Mini Fancy Bonbon ($22.00)
The delightful bonbons on natural brown lashes add a festive and candy-sweet flavor to your gaze.

Mini Violet ($22.00)
Purple cotton threads and a delicate flower motif enhance an adorably girly look.


  1. Those are beautiful, aren't they? I wish I could wear them, but I think the folks at my work might not like the look as much as I do.

  2. The Betsey Johnson of false eyelashes indeed! These are STUNNING! I had no idea these even existed. I wish I owned a pair. (Although I'm not sure I could pull them off as well as the model, lol).

  3. @Marina me too! They're incredible. :)

  4. @Kirsten Lol, I feel the exact same way. I totally wish I could pull trends like this off!

  5. @Jennifer Me too! I honestly JUST discovered them, and quickly wrote it! I'd totally buy a pair - or three - but at the moment i am blissfully unemployed, and can't quite spend %50+ on eyelashes!! haha, glad you like my analogy. :)

  6. These are so cool! If I could wear them everyday, I totally would ;)

    sorelle in style

  7. ive been trying to learn how to put fake lashes but all in vain...i also tried youtube video but i think im too clumsy for it..but i would definitely wanna learn to put them on..

  8. wow so beautiful!!

    your posts are just getting better and it!

  9. Those lashes are AMAZING! Thanks for sharing :)

    Alicia Mi Mundo

  10. @Le Sorelle Same!! maybe if they weren't as much of a standout piece lol.

  11. @Sanam I know, aren't they incredible?!

  12. @Preity I'm right there with you!! However, these may be motivation enough to learn.. :)

  13. @Andrea thank you so much!! I'm so happy to hear that. :)

  14. @Alicia OF COURSE! I'm thrilled you like them!!

  15. Wow wow wow! These are fabulous!

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    Just wanted to ask you, could you leave the comment on the entry again please? you forgot to write your email!


  17. thanks for commenting again dear!

    good luck!

  18. @Meghan I thought so too- as soon as I saw them, I knew I just HAD to feature them!! :)

  19. @Fatal Fille Sorry!! Lol, re-entered, awesome gieveaway btw. :)


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