Friday, June 3, 2011

theBalm Launches Betty Lou-Manizer & Frat Boy

The newest collection from theBalm is slightly small, but incredibly adorable! I can tell by the oh-so-adorable promo pics that its very 50s-inspired. Just think- Cheerleaders, football quarterbacks, and vintage Barbie. Its so cute!

The first part of the collection is 'Betty-Lou-Manizer', which retails for $24.00. It's an all-in-one bronzer, eye shadow, and shimmery powder that makes skin look both softer an warmer without looking too heavy. The oil-free, mica formula is perfect for the eyes, cheeks, and full face for an all-over glow.

The second part of the collection is 'Frat Boy', which retails for $21. Its a two-in-one apricot-tinted shadow and blush. It's velvety smooth formula aids in adding just the right amount of color for a pretty and polished look.

The entire collection is now available at Sephora. 


  1. so i have never tried theBalm products! but i am feeling more and more like i must!!!!

    hope you have a great weekend! and you should totally do a list like that! i'd love to read more about you :-)

  2. Definitely!! I've only tried a few of their products, but I love anything with a vintage feel... I definitely want to check it out ASAP!

    And thanks so much! Its a GREAT idea. Hope you have a great weekend as well!

  3. cute, I love the vintage packaging!

  4. @Pop Champagne me too! thanks so much for stopping by. :)

  5. These are all amazing pictures and I'm so in love with the vintage wrapping..just genius.


  6. @Marina Thanks so much!! its gorgeous, right? If you like the vintage wrapping, just wait till my Urban Decay post tomorrow morning!! ;)


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