Monday, June 6, 2011

Worst Dressed at MTV Movie Awards 2011

As with the red carpet at any award show, we have our best, and we have our worst. We’re blown away at the fantastic stylistic choices of rising starlets such as Lily Collins, Selena Gomez, and Leighton Meester. We’re also equally shocked at the ensembles worn by other celebutantes including Nicki Minaj  and Jessica Szohr, but our extreme reactions are definitely not positive. No, instead we struggle to believe how anyone can wear mismatched Louboutins, too-tight bustiers, and crazy colored jumpsuits while attempting to be fashionable! Below are our Top 5 nominees for the ‘Worst Dressed’ category at last night’s MTV Movie awards:

1.       1. Nicki Minaj gave us no surprise as she stepped  out onto the red carpet and into the limelight. Her wardrobe was tacky as ever, but this time, it was almost uncomfortable to look at! The singer’s bustier corset top was far too tight and it unveiled an insane amount of cleavage, while hardly matching her green army-inspired cargos. The TomTom statement necklace was pure Minaj, and as always, she tops our ‘Worst Dressed’ list!

2.       2. Gossip Girl Blake Lively may have a history of being the ‘Belle of the Ball’ at red carpet events, but it seems that even royalty can fall from their throne every now and then. For the evnt, Blake paired an electric blue Michael Kors dress with dark purple Christian Louboutin pumps by. Although they’re both spectacular pieces, the two seemed to be competing with each other, and ultimately drowned out Blake’s sophisticated efforts.

3.       3. Former Gossip Girl starlet Jessica Szohr opted for a more casual look, telling MTV, “This is summery, flowy, I feel very comfortable.” She paired a wide-leg Alice + Olivia jumpsuit with Chris Benz heels. We love the heels, but Jessica simply isn’t tall enough to pull of the wide-leg look! Also, the jumpsuit’s print was far too loud for Jessica’s petite figure.

4.       4. Twilight's Elizabeth Reaser attempted a much sexier look than her typical choice of dress. She chose a plunging black mini dress, which may have looked attractive if she went up a size or two. It was far too tight, and made the thin actress look chubby! She later told MTV “I work with stylists. I can’t pick things out!” Hmm, no surprise there.

5.       5. Amanda Bynes paired a tight beige Herve Leger mini dress with aqua Christian Louboutin fringe heels and a Chanel clutch. While we typically love the Nickelodeon alum’s elegant but fun style, we’re left wondering what went wrong. The dress is far too tight, and makes her look like she’s gained weight during her long absence from the silver screen. We’re also struggling to understand how Bynes managed to find the only ugly pair of Louboutins in the universe- we weren’t sure such a thing existed! On a positive note, we love the added elegance from the Chanel clutch.


  1. i agree with you..these outfits are really bad.

  2. I agree with pretty much all of these! I love Blakes dress, but agree with the two colors now matching, and I don't like her hair. WTF was amanda thinking with those shoes?! haha omg.
    love this post! while everyone is doing best, you did worst!

    oh and we should meet up one day in NY! :)

  3. @Andrea I know, right? What were they thinking?!

  4. @Emily Same!! the dress is pretty, but not with the shoes... Blake is super pretty but she looks like she has odd features with her hair up! And honestly, I'm just happy to see Amanda out & about again! :)

    And definitely! Name th time & place & I'm there! :)

  5. I can't handle Amanda Byne's shoes! Or Nicki Minaj's boobs. Too much!

  6. Totally agreed! And now that I've decided Minaj is the new Lil' Kim who told these ladies it was ok to wear explicit lingerie everywhere...seriously?!

  7. Oh my I dont like Nicki and Jessica their outfits!
    I like the color of blake her dress but it's a weird cut. x

  8. You ain't kidding doll....what were they thinking?!!! seriously!

    <3 Marina

  9. I agree with all of your worst pics, except for Blake's. I still like her dress, though she could have picked a different color shoe if she was trying to color block. She still has an amazing figure and that dress is wow on her. Nicki Minaj always looks bad and crazy. Sometimes I think people dress a way on purpose to MAKE The WORST dressed list...must make them more famous or something

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  10. @Marie Same! But surprisingly, Amanda isn't the ONLY celeb rocking those shoes! They've also been seen on Khloe and Kourtney of the kardashian clan!!

  11. @Jessica UGH, no idea!! Its so awkward... But somehow, i LOVE the same lingerie-inspired looks on Taylor Momsen!

  12. @Pieter SAME! They both seem to be the biggest stly victims these days... And yeah, Blake's dress is cut super weird!

  13. @Shasie yeah, I was considering that. Nicki Minaj and Lady Gaga definitely do!


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