Monday, July 25, 2011

Jil Sander Inspired Nails

In a photoshoot for his cover story in the January issue of L'Uomo Vogue, Usher donned a now-famous Jil Sander sweater. The sweater, which originally retailed for $695, was chosen for its bright rainbow stripes, which popped against an equally bright red backdrop.

Six months later, the sweater was once again glorified by Virginia and Donne Geer, two sisters from Long Beach, California. A professional manicurist and graphic designer, they run the popular Tumblr, Hey, Nice Nails!

"I tried to break up the pattern on the garment into five different areas and represent that portion on a nail," Virginia has said of the design. She originally created the look with a tiny paintbrush, prepping her nails with Seche Vita and then continuing the design with ten bright nail colors, including CND Bicycle Yellow, Models Own Coral Reef, Essie Turquoise & Caicos, Essie Absolutely Shore, Essie Lollipop, American Apparel African Violet, Sinful Colors 24/7, OPI Black Onyx, China Glaze First Mate, and OPI A Grape Fit. Upon complettion, she used Orly Bonder Top Coat.

Although gorgeous, the design took over two hours to complete. Add in years of professional experience, and these Jil Sander nails aren't exactly an ideal everyday look. Here are a few simple tips to recreated the design at home.

1. Rather than using ten colors, stick to about five. It will still be just as striking, but not nearly as time consuming.

2. Instead of using nail polish, opt for a nail pen. The brush will be much thinner, making the lines bolder easier to control. The Nail Design Pen ($10) from Sephora by OPI is our top pick.

3. Wait at least ten minutes before applying a top coat. With all these colors, the nails will take longer to dry, and there's a much higher chance they'll smudge or blend together if top coat is applied before they are completely dry.

Colorblocking reaches new heights: Pink and Red

As the color blocking trend has continued to grow, its hard to tell how long it will actually last. It's also hard to tell how many new trends will emerge from the original trend itself. Its very rare to see micro trends emerge from seemingly temporary trends, but from color blocking, we've already seen 'same color, different shade', purple and orange combos, and now, the ever-dreaded pink and red!

At the premiere of the much anticipated Friends With Benefits, established starlet and rising fashionista Emma Stone donned a Giambattista Valli ensemble and nude Louboutin pumps.

Usually, our attention wuld be solely focused on the ideallic red soles, but this time, they came second to Emma's outfit! We couldn't take our eyes off of her colorblocked frock, consisting of a crimson sweater and hit pink bowed pencil skirt, both off of the runway of Giambattista Valli's Fall 2011 collection.

Her pairing of the two traditionally clashing colors is undoubtedly striking, but yet, its not the first time we've seen it! Late last year, Carrie Bradshaw (Come on, we can't be the only ones who still refer to SJP as the gal who officially made Manhattan cooler than L.A.!) wore bright red jeans and a pink/purple tee while out shopping.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Inglot's Groundbreaking 'Freedom System'

Long ago are the days when we would leave the makeup counter, unsatisfied after once again being unable to find the perfect palette- one with the right shades to match and highlight our own unique skin tone! Well, those days are now nothing but a distant memory, as most major brands have expanded to include a wider selection of makeup palettes. One brand, however, creates the perfect solution.

After launching 25 years ago, Inglot became known for producing the best, most high quality products at very reasonable prices. The brand quickly became a favorite of both makeup artists and beauty addicts alike. Inglot recently launched the world's first Breathable Nail Enamel, but perhaps the company's biggest contribution is their groundbreaking 'Freedom System'.

The Freedom System allows customers to create their own custom palette by giving them a choice of which colors to include in the empty palette. The empty palette comes in a few sizes, varying by the amount of colors they include and by the products it holds.

Currently, there are palettes available for powder, concealer, lipstick, and eyeshadow. There are 20 shades of powder, 19 shades of concealer, 158 shades of eyeshadow, and 90 shades of lipstick available.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Azzedine Alaia: 'Who Will Remember Anna Wintour In The History Of Fashion? No One'

In a recent interview with Virgine magazine, designer Azzedine Alaia bluntly slammed Vogue Editrix Anna Wintour. He claims that she runs Vogue like a business, and although she runs it well, he claims that she neglects 'the fashion part.' He also makes a point to mention that while she scares everyone, he scares her, and he couldn't care less if she features his designs in Vogue. Here's an excerpt from the interview of what he had to say about Anna Wintour:

"She runs the business (Vogue) very well, but not the fashion part. When I see how she is dressed, I don't believe in her tastes one second. I can say it loudly! She hasn't photographed my work in years even if I am a best seller in the U.S. and I have 140 square meters at Barneys. American women love me; I don't need her support at all. Anna Wintour doesn't deal with pictures; she is just doing PR and business, and she scares everybody. But when she sees me, she is the scared one. [Laughs.] Other people think like me, but don't say it because they are afraid that Vogue won't photograph them. Anyway, who will remember Anna Wintour in the history of fashion? No one."

Ouch! As if that wasn't fashion suicidal enough, Alaia also went on to criticize Karl Lagerfeld's persona:

"I don't like his fashion, his spirit, his attitude. It's too much caricature. Karl Lagerfeld never touched a pair of scissors in his life."

Read the full interview here.

Beauty Looks from Christian Dior Fall 2011 Couture

While we thought the actual fashion on the runway of Christian Dior's Fall 2011 show was extreme, it was nothing compared to the makeup! Although the beauty looks may have been a little extreme, the heavy use of opaque shades were undoubtedly striking. Here are a few tips to create a more wearable version of the colorblock-style eyes:

1. Begin with a medium teal, similar to Inglot's 504. Apply the shade under the browbone and on the upper lid.

2. With a medium rose shade, like Inglot's 495, apply the shadow on the full lid. Apply two coats to assure an opaque look.

3. Dip a Q-tip in makeup remover and rub on skin to better define the outlines of each color.

4. With black liquid eyeliner, like Sephora's Aqua Liner, draw a thick a thick line above lashes. Once the desire thickness is acheived, extend the line into an exaggerated cat eye, about a half inch past the outer crease of the lids.

5. Coat eyelashes in a true black mascara, like Buxom Buxom's Amplified Mascara, to create a dramatic look.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Splurge Alert! Alexander McQueen Suede Pumps

After the death of Alexander McQueen, the world was unsure weather or not Sarah Burton would be able to continue the legacy of his famed avant-garde style.

Now, a year and a half later, Sarah Burton has designed gowns for Michelle Obama, Lady Gaga, and even Kate Middleton's famed wedding dress. As far as her designs in McQueen's namesake, it seems her 14 years served as McQueen's assistant have certainly helped her to understand outlandish style.

This week, we are absolutely in love with several of the many amazing pieces designed in McQueen's namesake. Our favorite item is this pair of Platform Suede Peep Toe Booties. With their 5.5" heel, ribbon detail, and flawless black suede, they are the ultimate statement piece. And, priced at $1,050, they are #1 on our wishlist!

Christian Dior Haute Couture FW 11/12

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Budget-Friendly Wedges by Tory Burch

As much as we love a gorgeous, Louboutin-styled stiletto, we are all to familiar with the endless city blocks we must pass daily to get around the Big Apple. And, when any ordinary, simple-minded fashionista may draw the conclusion that flats are the answer to the seemingly eternal Comfort vs. Style debate, we are here to assure her that in fact, she is wrong.

Although ballet flats have been seen everywhere from runways to the streets during the past few seasons, it doesn't mean that they are necessarily glamorous. In fact, studies show that height is often associated with both power and glamour, so why sacrifice either?
We've found the absolute perfect summer shoe- The Lace-Up Canvas Platform Espadrilles by Tory Burch are wedges, meaning that they maintain both style as well as comfort. And, they're on sale for only $86.24 at Saks Fifth Avenue. Happy shopping!

Monday, July 4, 2011

LUSH Dirty Launches

The new LUSH Dirty Collection is described as a ‘no-nonsense’ scent with subtle hints of spearmint, thyme, tarragon, and the ocean. The entire collection embraces the layering technique, and when applied correctly, it will represent the key scent of the Dirty collection.

The collection consists of shower gel, shaving cream, hair gel, and all-inclusive body spray. It is now available at LUSH stores nationwide.

1. Dirty Spring Wash Shower Gel ($9.95 for 3.3 oz., $17.95 for 8.4 oz., $26.95 for 16.9 oz.)

2. Dirty Shaving Cream ($12.95)

3. Dirty Hair Gel ($12.95)

4. Dirty Body Spray ($19.95)

Sunday, July 3, 2011

My New Internship + What I Went Through To Get It

It should come as no surprise that when I graduate, I want to work at a magazine and pursue a job in fashion journalism. It should also be incredibly, incredibly obvious that I am an extreme over-acheiver.... [My first year in college, I had a full time job, 20 hour / week internship, and was taking 21.5 credits in school.]

Now, after quitting my BEYOND shitty job at Starbucks, I've been able to put things in perspective. Here's a breakdown:

1. School & Grades
2. Fashion / Beauty / Editorial Internship
3. Unrelated job

With that in mind, I passed all of my exams with flying colors, applied like crazy for the perfect summer internship, and took a break from the working world. After 3 long months of applying everywhere I could think of, I began to realize that it would be almost impossible to intern at a magazine right now.

Hearst and Conde Nast own almost every major fashion magazine, and they require school credit, which I can't earn until next spring. Now, I could always lie, but let's just say that doesn't always seem to work. [I had a friend who lied about earning credit and got an internship with Teen Vogue, only to have them find out and treat her even worse than before! So, after seeing my friend put in 25+ hours a week for no pay, credit, or letter of recommendation, I'm far past the idea of lying as opposed to simply waiting a semester.]

Anyways, after racking my brain and panicking about not having a summer internship, I got an email from an editor at Life & Style Weekly, owned by Bauer Publishing. She said that my resume was forwarded to her by HR and asked of I was interested in an internship with the Fashion Department. Of course, I said yes. She told me that I would receive more info from her the following week. I didn't.

Now here's where I differ from most people. To quote my Facebook and Tumblr biographies:

"but i know what i want.
and i know how to get it.
and nothing and no one will ever stop me.
i never give up.
and i believe that anything is possible.


When I didn't hear from her, I worried that I wouldn't get it, or that they had given it to someone else. Most people would have stopped there and simply moved on and forgotten about it, but instead, I sent her an email. She assured me that an answer was coming.

The following week began, and still no email. I worried, and I sent her another email. She told me that I would hear the next day. I didn't, and I emailed her. She responded and asked if I was available for an interview the next morning. I said yes!

The interview was relatively short. She sounded like she was in a major hurry, and quickly spewed out questions, like:

1. Are you OK doing occasional administrative tasks?
2. Are you available to come in two days a week?
3. Will you be able to continue for two months, until mid-August?
4. Are you OK with not getting paid?

Now, for those who aren't too experienced in the world of fashion internships, they are VERY demanding! As an intern, you're expected to work crazy hours and devote 3-5 days a week, commit 3+ months, do countless unimportant admin tasks, and above all, almost never get paid. So, needless to say, these expectations were incredibly low.

The conversation was short, and she said I would hear the following day. By this point, I was well aware that I shouldn't hold her words to be exact. I didn't hear the next day, but I heard the day after that. And...... I GOT THE INTERNSHIP!!!!

So, the moral[s] of the story?

1. In the wonderful world of fashion, absolutely NEVER expect that as an intern, you are only thing on a potential employers mind!
2. As a job hunter, absolutely always follow up. If I didn't, I wouldn't have gotten this amazing internship.
3. Do not, under ANY circumstances, lie to a potential employer. You might get away with it, but if you're caught, you're screwed. Just look at the little anecdote about my friend at Teen Vogue- she will NEVER be able to work at any Conde Nast publication again!! [Glamour, Lucky, Marie Claire, Vogue, W, WWD, Teen Vogue, etc.]

As for my experience at Life & Style, I actually began on June 13th. I didn't want to blog about it until I knew it would work out, and then it kind of slipped my mind... Its going great so far, and you can definitely expect some posts about what its really like interning at a major magazine!!

Friday, July 1, 2011

Style Star: Rosie Huntington-Whitely

Back in the early 90s, Rosie Huntington-Whitely was no more than a smalltown girl living on an English farm. After a major growth spurt at age 13, she went from being teased for her tiny chest and big lips to being voted Most Likely to Become a Supermodel.

She soon became bored of her farm life, and decided to travel to London. At age 16, she was ‘discovered’, and starred in a commercial for Levi’s. Although she couldn’t drive, she spent her entire check on a Ford Ka, wholeheartedly believing it was the only time she would ever get paid for modeling. Needless to say, she was wrong.

After relocating to America in 2006, Rosie began traveling on her road to superstardom as she began modeling for Victoria’s Secret, becoming an official Victoria’s Secret Angel in 2009. She went on to star in Burberry’s 2008 Fall / Winter campaign, and became a constant feature on best dressed lists, including Elle and Harper’s Bazaar, and magazine covers, including British Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, and GQ UK. She is currently ranked No. 1 on Maxim’s Hot List, and will begin her acting career by replacing Megan Fox in the third – and hopefully last - installment of the Transformers series.

It’s plain to see that Rosie Huntington-Whitely is becoming a major star, but unlike many celebrities – we’re looking at you, Nicki Minaj – she has a superstar wardrobe to accompany her booming career. According to InStyle, she “has made every red carpet appearance a mini fashion show.” From Burberry to Gucci to Stella Mccartney, Rosie Huntington-Whitely isn’t afraid to add glitter, animal print, or oversized flowers, but still manages to achieve a sophisticated, classic look. Here are a few of her most critically acclaimed outfits:

1. At the premiere of Transformers, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley was reminiscent of Jessica Rabbit as she sparkled in a red lamé Antonio Berardi gown.

2. Rosie Huntington-Whiteley wore a silver, open back Naeem Khan gown to the Tranformers premiere in Berlin.

3. Rosie Huntington-Whiteley rocked a giant flower, sheer bottom, and the ever-tricky chartreuse shade in a Gucci dress at the premiere of Transformers in Moscow.

4. As previously mentioned, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley was one of the few celebrities to pull off the animal print trend at the MTV Movie Awards. She wore a tiger print Dolce and Gabbana, Sergio Rossi heels, and a Salvatore Ferragamo clutch.

5. A not-yet-famous Rosie shined amoung the superstars late last year at the Met Gala in a long, silk rose Burberry gown and touseled waves.

6. Rosie Huntington-Whiteley opted for a black belted Michael Kors gown for a Transformers press conference. Talk about making a good impression!

7. For the Guys Choice Awards, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley rocked a gorgeous slitted dress by Mary-Kate and Ashley's surprisingly fabulous clothing line, The Row.

8. Rosie Huntington-Whiteley relaxed with some shopping on 5th Avenue, looking chic as ever in big sunglasses, a white top, black capris, and her favorite Alexander Wang bag.