Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Budget-Friendly Wedges by Tory Burch

As much as we love a gorgeous, Louboutin-styled stiletto, we are all to familiar with the endless city blocks we must pass daily to get around the Big Apple. And, when any ordinary, simple-minded fashionista may draw the conclusion that flats are the answer to the seemingly eternal Comfort vs. Style debate, we are here to assure her that in fact, she is wrong.

Although ballet flats have been seen everywhere from runways to the streets during the past few seasons, it doesn't mean that they are necessarily glamorous. In fact, studies show that height is often associated with both power and glamour, so why sacrifice either?
We've found the absolute perfect summer shoe- The Lace-Up Canvas Platform Espadrilles by Tory Burch are wedges, meaning that they maintain both style as well as comfort. And, they're on sale for only $86.24 at Saks Fifth Avenue. Happy shopping!


  1. Now this kind of shoes are everywhere and they're a must! I love to wear them in summer!!!! :)


  2. ohh these shoes are really beautiful! i love wedges and i have the reva flats on my wishlist from tory ;)

  3. I love this post! It's very clever and helpful, and your writing is so well done! I'm so happy I found your blog! (especially because of the cool background!) btw I love those shoes! MUST HAVE! Anyway, I just posted a new piece on my fashion blog, and would love for you to check it out, and maybe follow if you like!



  4. these are so cute. especially love how they lace up!!!


  5. Nice pick!

    Fashion Cat

  6. They look amazing, and SO SUMMERY! :)

  7. These are really fab, I bet they're pretty comfy too :) x

  8. @Andrea Yeah, I'm loing Tory Burh's entire collection this season!

  9. @Claire I know! So pretty and girlie. :)

  10. @Grace I know! They're ideal for this season!

  11. @Songbird Exactly! They're so perfect for summer!


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