Monday, July 4, 2011

LUSH Dirty Launches

The new LUSH Dirty Collection is described as a ‘no-nonsense’ scent with subtle hints of spearmint, thyme, tarragon, and the ocean. The entire collection embraces the layering technique, and when applied correctly, it will represent the key scent of the Dirty collection.

The collection consists of shower gel, shaving cream, hair gel, and all-inclusive body spray. It is now available at LUSH stores nationwide.

1. Dirty Spring Wash Shower Gel ($9.95 for 3.3 oz., $17.95 for 8.4 oz., $26.95 for 16.9 oz.)

2. Dirty Shaving Cream ($12.95)

3. Dirty Hair Gel ($12.95)

4. Dirty Body Spray ($19.95)


  1. I keep hearing a lot about these LUSH products. I will have to try some very soon!

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  2. @Shasie You should! They're organic, natural, and totally healthy!! :)

  3. I didn't know of this product before! I'll make sure to keep an eye open for it now! thanks for sharing this info.

    Thanks for your lovely comment! I'm now following you.

    Ciaoo xx

  4. Thanks for following me. I'm following you now:)

    Fashion Cat

  5. Love the lush products!

  6. they are not available where i live :(
    half the stuff isn't actually.

  7. @Michelle I know! The packaging is what first drew me to the product. :)

  8. @Songbird Really?? What about online?

  9. excited to check it out!
    xo Cara

  10. You got an amazing blog dear! Love it :)
    keep on with the good work :)


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