Thursday, August 25, 2011

New Job, New Internship, New Goals

The JOB: I realized a while ago that the beauty industry is a major interest of mine -- maybe even as much as fashion! Which is why Mallory in New York revolved solely around MAC's new collections for an extended period of time. [Come on, Don't pretend you didn't LOVE it!]

Absolutely loving my new job at CLINIQUE!
Back in April, I submitted a general resume to Estee Lauder. If you're not already aware of it, Estee Lauder is the Conde Nast of cosmetics. The company owns Aveda, Bobbi Brown, Clinique, and, of course, Estee Lauder, as well as countless others.

I received a call a few days later, requesting a phone interview. The interview [called Talent Plus, as I later found out] was 45 minutes long with a rep from corporate Estee Lauder. They asked questions, I answered, and somehow, I PASSED!

A few days later, I got an email saying that there were no openings at Estee Lauder, and would I be interested in Clinique? Um, YEAH!

Days passed, emails were exchanged, and yet, no word from Clinique. By now, we've all learned that I am a very persistent person. So what did I do? I borderline stalked the HR department, and landed an interview with Aveda in SoHo!

The interview went well, but I didn't get the job. By this time I had pretty much forgotten about Estee Lauder, and I began the interviewing process for Juicy Couture. I also landed a job at Uniqlo as a temporary thing, which I soon quit.

Come on, how can you NOT love makeup that's GOOD for you?!
Then, out of the blue, I got an email from Estee Lauder saying that there was an opening at Clinique in Macy's, and it was mine if I wanted it. Two days later, I went in for an interview with the Clinique Counter Manager, the Macy's Cosmetics Manager, and the Macy's Regional Manager. And, somehow, I GOT THE JOB!!

I've been working for a few weeks now, and I absolutely LOVE IT! It's slightly weird though, because I'm the youngest Beauty Advisor in the ENTIRE Cosmetics and Fragrance Department. But -- I've met my sales goals every day I've worked, which is pretty impressive, especially considering the fact that I don't even know how to put makeup on! But hey, its a work in progress. ;) [Update: I have now mastered the are of applying makeup, sans eyeshadow.]

The INTERNSHIP: I've said it before, and I'll say it again. Interning is THE MOST important thing you can possibly do when pursuing a career in a creative field. Unfortunately, the majority of my peers haven't quite realized this yet. I, on the other hand, have caught on pretty early.

Nicole Miller Fall 2011 Collection. Gorgeous!
It's pretty hard getting your foot in the door with internships. I saw this firsthand earlier this year when I was applying for my first internship [], and again in May when I was applying for a second internship with a well-known publication [Life & Style Weekly]. But now, 8 months later, I have two great internships on my resume, and an entirely NEW dilemma: Getting internships has become TOO easy.

Now, I know this sounds very ungrateful and extremely un-problematic, but honestly, when you're choosing between internships with great companies like Oscar de la Renta, Stella McCartney, Nicole Miller, and Harper's Bazaar [along with many others], choosing just one isn't easy. They're all such amazing opportunities -- I don't want to turn any down OR burn any bridges!

I saw the designer herself the other day!
But, ultimately, I did choose one: Nicole Miller. [I let the others know that I'd already accepted something, but would LOVE to be considered for a Spring internship!] I picked up a great vibe from the office when I interviewed, and I was offered a Public Relations internship within the week!

I started interning at Nicole Miller two weeks ago, and its absolutely incredible. Again, I'm the youngest [I'm a freshman while everyone else is either a senior or out of school!], but I don't mind. After all -- I'm learning so much about Fashion PR! And -- the best part -- there's a STARBUCKS in the building!!

The [New] GOALS: Originally, I came to New York to go to FIT, major in Fashion Merchandising, and become a buyer at Macy's. But upon arriving, I soon realized that there is FAR more to fashion than designing and merchandising.

I'm aiming to intern at Vogue next Spring!
I started to pursue my longtime love of writing, possibly considering a career in journalism. Then, I began interning at Nicole Miller, and became extremely interested in pursuing PR. But -- I'd still love to be a buyer.

So, I guess I don't have quite as clear a goal as before, but I have something better -- A LOT of great options! My first choice would be to pursue a career in journalism [ideally, I'd love to be at Marie Claire, Nylon, or Elle!] but unfortunately, its pretty hard to find a job in magazines these days. And, if you are so lucky to actually find a job, you'll get paid less than 40K a year, which is definitely NOT good enough for the lifestyle I want, or even the one I have right now!

I'd love to be a Cosmetics or Accessories buyer at Saks!
My second choice would be to become a buyer. My boyfriend is interning at Saks, and is meeting all of the head people, as well as the buying team. Everyone LOVES working at Saks, and I definitely want to intern in the buying department the summer before my junior year [next summer]. I'd love to be either an Accessories or Cosmetics Buyer!

My third choice would be to go into Fashion or Beauty Public Relations. As previously mentioned, I'm loving my experience at Nicole Miller so far! And by December [when my internship ends] I'm sure I'll love it even more!

So, now that my personal / professional life is a little less hectic, I'd like to thank all of you for bearing with me on my endless ramblings revolving solely upon my never-ending stress [i.e. the desire to find the PERFECT internship!]. I am well aware I can get boring and/or repetitive, but thankfully that's all over with. Now, I can finally get back to doing what  I love: Blogging about pretty things! [cue fireworks]

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Why I NEED A Glamorous Job

Andy hated her job, but at least it was uber enviable!
My job hunt has been crazy, and my internship search hasn't been any better. It's not that I can't land anything, but more in the sense that I can't land anything good enough. And, I know that seems horrible. Like, I'm not even a college sophomore [yet], so what the hell am I expecting?! Well, I'll tell you.

I want something glamorous. I know that sounds horrible and immature and very Massie Block-esque [read the Clique if you haven't yet! It. will. change. you.] but honestly, who doesn't want something glamorous?!

It may sound weird, but at FIT [Fashion Institute of Technology], having an awesome job / internship is almost like a status symbol. [Or, maybe this only holds true in my own disillusioned, workaholic mindset? Hmm...]

Example: Obviously, there's no substitution for Fendi, but working in Fendi's SoHo boutique is definitely brag-worthy. Do you see what I mean?

And in the end, she became a better [and more stylish] person.
Of course, I [for the most part] LOVED working at Starbucks last year [free coffee, hello!], but I definitely envied the attention other girls got by working at Sephora or BCBG. And I'm not saying that people will want to be your BFF if you have an amazing internship either, but it definitely adds some major points on your glam-factor. [Did I really just say that?!]

So, after realizing what I wanted, I gathered up the motivation to go get it. I applied like crazy to glam-worthy jobs and fashion internships alike, and after weeks of interviewing as if it were my full-time job, I am finally satisfied.

The saga continues.... Stay tuned! :)

Monday, August 15, 2011

Where Have I Been?!

Bebe Zeva is AWESOME.
Like I said in my last post, I've been crazy busy lately in my job / fall internship search. After being unemployed since April (at my own will, of course!), I've managed to keep myself busy by interning at Life & Style Weekly, obsessing over Bebe Zeva's latest looks, and checking Ed2010 and for new postings every. five. minutes.

Seriously. That's actually the main reason behind my absence in the blogosphere -- my addictive Type A tendencies. Although I have tons of free time, and I just can't seem to focus. At least three times a day, I'll log on to Blogger, with an awesome idea for a post, but I won't be able to complete it, or in some cases, even start it. And why not? Because I'm obsessive.

You see, after signing the lease for my amazing but ridiculously expensive apartment, I realized how much I hated my job. So, I quit. And although I felt far less suicidal in the following months, it suddenly dawned on me that I no longer have any means to support myself, except of course for my wealthy parents and my boyfriend who works in Sak's Fifth Avenue's corporate office. But as we already know, I hate relying on other people. So, I started my job hunt.

Even these SIMS got a job easier than I did!
With no retail experience, I knew full well that it would be pretty hard to land something at a clothing store. But honestly, I wasn't asking for anything too glamorous -- just a part-time gig at Express, is all. Even this, though, proved difficult.

And that's just the job. You should know by now that's I'm really big on internships. I mean, demanding bosses, competitive peers, unappreciative clients, and no pay -- how does it possibly get better than that?! Really, all kidding aside, internships are great experience, and I've been lucky enough not to get hit with any bad experiences along the way. In fact, all of my internships have been absolutely incredible!

Hint: I haven't been writing about it -- I've been busing living it.
As I've mentioned far too many times, I'm currently interning at Life & Style Weekly. I absolutely love it, but unfortunately the commute is killer. (An hour and a half by bus to Englewood Cliffs, NJ) And, of course, the fact that I want to vary my experience beyond editorial. So, as good internships fill up quickly, I began searching for the perfect Fall internship immediately after landing my position at Life & Style back in June.

This was just the back story of why I've been gone. I promise, my next post will focus on the results of my job & internship search!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

A Note About Fashion Internships, including my own experience at Life & Style Weekly

A recent issue of Life & Style
Let me start off by saying I am SO sorry for being so MIA!! I know its no excuse, but I've been super busy with my internship in the Fashion Department of Life & Style Weekly and, as a result of quitting my job at Starbucks back in April and moving to a super expensive apartment, job-hunting.

Oh, and please don't think I forgot that I promised to give all the juicy details bout my time at Life & Style Weekly! I definitely didn't forget, but I did realize that saying too much would be wayyy to unprofessional for my taste.... And, of course, that there's really nothing to tell. Nothing bad, anyway.

As we've learned from my friend at Teen Vogue , fashion internships are not glamorous. Its definitely not unusual for an intern in the fashion / magazine industry to work 3-5 days a week, be constantly mistreated, and not get paid.

Its actually pretty funny, because I'm one of the only people I know who is actually willing to do all that, while keeping a genuine smile on my face. I'm definitely NOT afraid of hard work, and I'm determined to do anything possible to assure I achieve my ever-changing career goal[s]. (Right now, I either want to be Editor-in-Chief of Marie Claire, or a Senior Accessories Buyer at Saks Fifth Avenue!)
A friend of mine interned at Teen Vogue, and HATED it!

So, in an effort to be realistic and to not get disappointed, I went into Life & Style Weekly with very low expectations. Not that this is  bad reflection on the company- I was just trying to protect my morale. And, I'm thrilled to say, Life & Style Weekly has 100% proved me wrong!!

Its been a month and a half since I began, and I literally LOVE every second! Life & Style Weekly is  celebrity-driven magazine, which focuses on bringing the beauty and fashion trends of celebrities to their readers. I've always loved celebrity culture far more than I should have - check out this video of me meeting Ashley Tisdale at age 15 - so naturally, a magazine that revolves around it is a perfect fit! But, somehow, it gets more amazing than that...

As I mentioned above, I'm interning in the fashion department. At the magazine, there are tons of departments, including art, news, PR, beauty, fashion, etc. After meeting a few other interns, I've found out something pretty crazy- they're all just general editorial interns!! Not that there's anything wrong with that, but I think its really cool that I get to work specifically for the fashion department, rather than completing any administrative tasks that other departments just happen to have left over.

My favorite thing about interning at  Life & Style Weekly is that its an incredibly hands-on internship! As I mentioned before, I don't mind going out on constant coffee runs, but absolutely nothing compares to the amazing experience I'm getting!

This is what most fashion internships are like... I just got lucky!
So, whats my typical day like? Well, the majority of my day is research. Whenever a celebrity steps out at an event or movie premiere, and the editors like the outfit they're wearing, they'll send the picture to me so I can find all the details of their look, including what they're wearing, who designed it, and what it costs, as well as details about the event. Now, this may sound boring, but I actually really enjoy it! And, I've found that I'm pretty good at navigating my way around the internet, which is an awesome skill to have.

When there isn't something specific that I'm looking for, I'll make good use of my time by brainstorming trends I've seen lately. After I get the green light from the editors to go ahead with the trend, I'll find photos of celebrities wearing the look, and all the details about where they were, what they're wearing, and when they wore it. I can't count the number of times where an entire spread will be based on the ideas that I develop, which ultimately becomes the captions!!

Katy Perry changes her look A LOT- trust me, I know!
Some of the more notable things I've done have been finding the details on Kate Bosworth's summer boots (trust me, she has A LOT!), compiling photos of Katy Perry's most memorable costumes, and finding the temperatures of 50+ appearances of an A-list star (seriously).

All in all, I'm having a great summer, and I'm gaining amazing experience at Life & Style Weekly! I'm almost sad to see it end...

P.S. Look out for a post in the next few days about my NEW JOB and FALL INTERNSHIP!! (Or, you could just follow me on Twitter to avoid the wait!)