Tuesday, August 2, 2011

A Note About Fashion Internships, including my own experience at Life & Style Weekly

A recent issue of Life & Style
Let me start off by saying I am SO sorry for being so MIA!! I know its no excuse, but I've been super busy with my internship in the Fashion Department of Life & Style Weekly and, as a result of quitting my job at Starbucks back in April and moving to a super expensive apartment, job-hunting.

Oh, and please don't think I forgot that I promised to give all the juicy details bout my time at Life & Style Weekly! I definitely didn't forget, but I did realize that saying too much would be wayyy to unprofessional for my taste.... And, of course, that there's really nothing to tell. Nothing bad, anyway.

As we've learned from my friend at Teen Vogue , fashion internships are not glamorous. Its definitely not unusual for an intern in the fashion / magazine industry to work 3-5 days a week, be constantly mistreated, and not get paid.

Its actually pretty funny, because I'm one of the only people I know who is actually willing to do all that, while keeping a genuine smile on my face. I'm definitely NOT afraid of hard work, and I'm determined to do anything possible to assure I achieve my ever-changing career goal[s]. (Right now, I either want to be Editor-in-Chief of Marie Claire, or a Senior Accessories Buyer at Saks Fifth Avenue!)
A friend of mine interned at Teen Vogue, and HATED it!

So, in an effort to be realistic and to not get disappointed, I went into Life & Style Weekly with very low expectations. Not that this is  bad reflection on the company- I was just trying to protect my morale. And, I'm thrilled to say, Life & Style Weekly has 100% proved me wrong!!

Its been a month and a half since I began, and I literally LOVE every second! Life & Style Weekly is  celebrity-driven magazine, which focuses on bringing the beauty and fashion trends of celebrities to their readers. I've always loved celebrity culture far more than I should have - check out this video of me meeting Ashley Tisdale at age 15 - so naturally, a magazine that revolves around it is a perfect fit! But, somehow, it gets more amazing than that...

As I mentioned above, I'm interning in the fashion department. At the magazine, there are tons of departments, including art, news, PR, beauty, fashion, etc. After meeting a few other interns, I've found out something pretty crazy- they're all just general editorial interns!! Not that there's anything wrong with that, but I think its really cool that I get to work specifically for the fashion department, rather than completing any administrative tasks that other departments just happen to have left over.

My favorite thing about interning at  Life & Style Weekly is that its an incredibly hands-on internship! As I mentioned before, I don't mind going out on constant coffee runs, but absolutely nothing compares to the amazing experience I'm getting!

This is what most fashion internships are like... I just got lucky!
So, whats my typical day like? Well, the majority of my day is research. Whenever a celebrity steps out at an event or movie premiere, and the editors like the outfit they're wearing, they'll send the picture to me so I can find all the details of their look, including what they're wearing, who designed it, and what it costs, as well as details about the event. Now, this may sound boring, but I actually really enjoy it! And, I've found that I'm pretty good at navigating my way around the internet, which is an awesome skill to have.

When there isn't something specific that I'm looking for, I'll make good use of my time by brainstorming trends I've seen lately. After I get the green light from the editors to go ahead with the trend, I'll find photos of celebrities wearing the look, and all the details about where they were, what they're wearing, and when they wore it. I can't count the number of times where an entire spread will be based on the ideas that I develop, which ultimately becomes the captions!!

Katy Perry changes her look A LOT- trust me, I know!
Some of the more notable things I've done have been finding the details on Kate Bosworth's summer boots (trust me, she has A LOT!), compiling photos of Katy Perry's most memorable costumes, and finding the temperatures of 50+ appearances of an A-list star (seriously).

All in all, I'm having a great summer, and I'm gaining amazing experience at Life & Style Weekly! I'm almost sad to see it end...

P.S. Look out for a post in the next few days about my NEW JOB and FALL INTERNSHIP!! (Or, you could just follow me on Twitter to avoid the wait!)


  1. Sounds like a great opportunity for you and I'm happy that you are enjoying it...that's important! Don't stop believing in your dreams!

  2. Ahh internships! I love em had a few writing internships myself. NBC, magazines...etc. Nothing like being an intern!

  3. Great Job.. as always I am following you to see where you are going...so far so good


  4. Wow, I'm so glad you found a job you like! :D
    Did you really meet Ashley Tisdale???! I'm checking the video out now!

  5. ENjoy it!! I'm glad for you :)


    Have a nice weekend


  6. You I totally agree with you.you must always do ur best and never be afraid of hard work.ok internships are not fabulous and glamorous but they are a chance.i love ur humour btw.

  7. wow! that's great! lucky you! I wish I got an internship too. :)


  8. I've always thought that interning would be the most awful experience as you are working so hard and no one appreicates it, but it is awesome to hear that you are having such a good time :)

  9. great post Mallory:) have a fab week:) xoxo

  10. Glad to hear you are enjoying your internship! With such positive attitude, I bet you will secure a good position in Life & Style Weekly or any other magazine without problem and in no time ;)

  11. Sounds like an amazing time! Remember us when you are famous! haha
    Shasie of Live Life in Style

  12. it's so great that you love your internship! it sounds like an amazing opportunity! how fun to work in the fashion department of a magazine!!!


  13. I'm so glad to hear you're having such a positive experience with your internship! I would love to be doing what you're doing!

  14. Honey so way cool you're doing your internship at this famous magazine...and yes agreed share just enough not to get you fired.

    You're definitely going places my precious doll. Keep up the great job.

    <3 Marina


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