Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Why I NEED A Glamorous Job

Andy hated her job, but at least it was uber enviable!
My job hunt has been crazy, and my internship search hasn't been any better. It's not that I can't land anything, but more in the sense that I can't land anything good enough. And, I know that seems horrible. Like, I'm not even a college sophomore [yet], so what the hell am I expecting?! Well, I'll tell you.

I want something glamorous. I know that sounds horrible and immature and very Massie Block-esque [read the Clique if you haven't yet! It. will. change. you.] but honestly, who doesn't want something glamorous?!

It may sound weird, but at FIT [Fashion Institute of Technology], having an awesome job / internship is almost like a status symbol. [Or, maybe this only holds true in my own disillusioned, workaholic mindset? Hmm...]

Example: Obviously, there's no substitution for Fendi, but working in Fendi's SoHo boutique is definitely brag-worthy. Do you see what I mean?

And in the end, she became a better [and more stylish] person.
Of course, I [for the most part] LOVED working at Starbucks last year [free coffee, hello!], but I definitely envied the attention other girls got by working at Sephora or BCBG. And I'm not saying that people will want to be your BFF if you have an amazing internship either, but it definitely adds some major points on your glam-factor. [Did I really just say that?!]

So, after realizing what I wanted, I gathered up the motivation to go get it. I applied like crazy to glam-worthy jobs and fashion internships alike, and after weeks of interviewing as if it were my full-time job, I am finally satisfied.

The saga continues.... Stay tuned! :)


  1. Congratulates!


  2. ahhhhhhh you said what my heart feels..

  3. ahh i wish i could have a job in fashion :(

    i hope you find what you want ;)

  4. ooh i want to know where you land up..i know what you mean..more that a status symbol it's almost a personal equation you need to score ...hope you rock it out :D


  5. Good for you! Might as well shoot for the stars, right??

  6. i hear you on that but glamorous jobs for people working their way up just doesn't happen unfortunately; show me someone who's had a glamourous internship and I'll bite my finger lol



  7. @Melissa Bite your finger. My boyfriend is interning at Saks Fifth Avenue, and his duties consist of mingling with executives, editing Rachel Zoe's exclusive video series, and choosing which pair of Louis Vuitton pumps to feature in this week's editorial. It happens... but only to those who make it happen.

  8. With that sort of determination and motivation, I firmly believe you will land an absolute glam-job worthy of your talents! Please keep us posted. I'm sure you'll soon be posting about your success!
    Dressology HQ

  9. My baby girl....Hope you find what you really and truly will make you happy. I'm sure you will but as for now hang in there... :(

    <3 Marina

  10. I feel exactly the same thing! Also I would like to find a job in fashion! I think we should start looking for such work, you definitely deserve it:)

  11. Follow your dreams. There's no wrong in choosing what best for you. Good luck!
    Jobs Brisbane


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