Monday, September 12, 2011

Are Lita's on their way out?

Lita in 'Stars and Stripes' ($159)

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Throughout the past year, we've seen the Jeffrey Campbell Lita on every "real" fashion blog. And, even if it has become a bit predictable, the design is still considered cool. Plus, its undoubtedly an easy way get noticed in the blogosphere.
Popular LookBooker Rachel-Marie Jones in Lita's.

So, how has the Lita maintained its popularity for so long? There are two main reasons -- the first is because of the fans, most notably those with blogs. No matter how much promotion a company does, it will never compare to peer-to-peer communication.

So, if a notable fashion blogger [or even a stylish / attractive one] posts photographs of her/himself wearing Lita's, it will indirectly inspire readers to consider trying the trend, and ultimately buying a pair themselves. With the rise of websites like Lookbook, shoppers and aspiring bloggers can view hundreds of popular fashion bloggers all in one place, being exposed to countless trends at once.

Lita Stud ($264.95)
The second cause for the Lita's continued popularity is the wide range of designs. There are over fifty deviations of the original Lita, as well as the Lita Fur, Lita Shag, Lita Fab, Lita Spike, Lita Harness, and Studded Lita. With so many options, its hard to tire of a winning trend.

But, in an industry where trends change quickly, how long can the Lita really stay on top? A year is a long time, and while the popularity of the JC creation hasn't faltered, there's only a limited amount of time left for the Lita to stay on top, especially with all the other amazing Jeffrey Campbell designs on the market!

Here's a look at a few JC designs that can easily become the 'new'

Jeffrey Campbell Pixie in Black Gold Zebra (194.95)

Jeffrey Campbell Vreeland in Red ($169.95)

Jeffrey Campbell Nightwalk in Black ($169.95)

Jeffrey Campbell Tick in Black ($169.95)

Jeffrey Campbell Skate in White ($189.95)

Jeffrey Campbell Tardy in Blue ($199.95)

[Disclaimer: All photos and prices from This post is an assignment for my Creative Fashion Presentations class at FIT. If you're not an FIT student, please feel free to comment anyways!]


  1. i don't really mind looking at the lita's.they look more comfortable than sky high stilletos.but i personally would prefer wearing something like the tixk or pixie

  2. love all these shoes!!my friend has the first one:)
    new on mine..kiss

    Patchwork à POrter

  3. I love my Lita's. I'm actually wearing them now. To be honest I don't care how trendy or how blogger they are. They are so comfortable and one of the very few heels that I can wear all day without my feet killing me.

  4. Those JC "Night walk" will be my next purchase.. I gotta have them.. Cute post


  5. I think these shoes are amazing! I have never seen such pieces before!

  6. I definitely won't loose sleep if they disappear. I was never a fan of them...ick
    Shasie of Live Life in Style


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