Wednesday, October 5, 2011

MAC Giftable for Holiday 2011

I probably shouldn't be blogging about this, but I couldn't help it! There's a whole slew of information on MAC's Holiday 2011 Collections online all of a sudden, but unfortunately, there's not much of it. The positive side? I have the photographs!

The first MAC Holiday Collection I will be blogging about is the Giftable Collection. Its not necessarily a cosmetics-centric collection, but it is a MAC product. And -- that simple fact makes it undeniably awesome.

So, what exactly is in the MAC Giftable Collection? Well, its two silver bags in different sizes. Yes, that's all. And no, I'm not kidding.

Take a look at the bags. They're constructed with silver foil, with a white spiral design throughout. And, there is a large decorative, semi-functional ribbon on each, which is adorned with festive silver sparkles.

The bags are perfect for wrapping a gift in, obviously. But, if done correctly, they can also be made into semi-permanent clutches! I'm picturing an amazing DIY project:

1. Trace the shapes of the four sides and bottom onto a thin piece of cardboard.
2. Carefully cut out the five pieces of cardboard.
2. Secure the pieces in place inside the bag with a gluestick.

And voila! Now you've got an adorable new clutch to bring to any holiday parties this season! And the best part? No one else will have it, because its a Mallory in New York exclusive. ;)


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