Monday, October 24, 2011

Nicole Miller Spring 2012

Spring 2011. Classic Nicole Miller.
Before you say it, let me admit that this post is a little biased [not to mention late]. I mean, I've been working in Nicole Miller's PR department since August, filling my schedule with busy days of trying on (ahem, I mean picking up) samples from magazines, photographers, and stylists. So, needless to say, I've been exposed to the Nicole Miller aesthetic pretty much nonstop throughout the last three months. But -- intern or not -- when the Spring 2012 line arrived, I was 100% in love with it!

Now, this isn't just typical me, becoming obsessed with one designer at a time, and choosing a new one at the start of each season. No, this is me admiring the proposed change in direction from an extremely established designer.

Spring 2012. A new, retro-styled runway look.
Let me explain. Nicole Miller is known for her classic, sophisticated [but still trendy] styles. She's a favorite among multiple celebrities -- including Alexis Bledel and Ashley Tisdale, both of whom sat front row at the show -- and editors alike. Although not typically the most daring designer [think the anti-McQueen], her designs still manage to remain relevant multiple seasons after their original debut.

So, imagine just how shocking it was to find that for the Spring 2012 collection, Miss Nicole Miller was inspired by none other than 'glam' rocker David Bowie (presumably during his 'Ziggy Stardust' days).

The entire collection is a polar opposite of her classic runway style. And, although, I've always been a MAJOR Nicole Miller fan [why do you think I work here?!], I can't help but say that I'm extremely excited to see not only how this collection sells, but whether Nicole sticks with the new 80s vibe, or transcends back to her classic aesthetic come next fall. Only time can tell, but for now, enjoy the video!

[This is Blog Post #6 for my Creative Fashion Presentations class at FIT. If you're not from FIT, feel free to comment anyways!]


  1. i think this is a great inspiration...i love miller's usual designs..and i am very impressed with this collection has to offer...lucky you getting to try on these things...err i mean you know

  2. This is definitely a very inspiring and such a chic collection BUT expected nothing less from Nicole Miller. LOVE

    <3 Marina


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