Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Lady Gaga at Barney's New York

A very Gaga entrance at Barney's New York.

 Yesterday, as I was sitting in Starbucks for about the third time that afternoon, I found myself only half-consciously scrolling through my Twitter feed. Amidst the meaningless tweets of my classmates as they begin to land their 'amazing' spring internships was a two-line tweet from Elle. [You would not yet understand the irony, but I will explain as soon as applicable.] :

@ElleMagazine: Catch Lady Gaga for the opening of Gaga’s Workshop tonight!

To which I replied:

@MalloryinNYC: Guess I know what I'm doing tonight! RT : Catch Lady Gaga for the opening of Gaga's Workshop tonight! t.co/TA1Ry9kl

Custom designed dress by Karl Lagerfeld.
And so I did. My all-to-willing boyfriend and I arrived at Barney's New York at approximately 6:15 PM, for a two-minute event that would not begin until 9:45, conclude at 9:47, and leave us waiting outside until the display would open at midnight.

Sound intolerable? Well, then I guess you're not a true fan, as were the musical theatre students, the boy from Alabama with nothing but a camera and backpack, the Australian girls who had been waiting since 3 PM outside Barney's only to rush to Central Park for Mother Monster's Good Morning America appearance the next morning, the 11-year-old Long Island boy with rhinestone-adorned eyes, the Asian teenager with a blonde bob and five (!) Gaga-inspired tattoos, the homeless-chic teenagers who had camped out overnight in hopes that Lady Gaga would sign their bibles, and, of course, the fashion student with long chocolate brown hair and a knee-length fur coat, AKA, me.

There were photographers from Women's Wear Daily, which is a bible in and of itself, or at least it is to people like me. There were also a few news cameras from various stations, who sent their achors out to the crowds of fans to interview people who looked 'interesting.' Being 5'1", I was easily able to squeeze my way underneath the crowd's line of vision, arriving at the front of the gate each time were were relocated by security, and, coincidentally, each time a reporter found themselves in need of someone camera-ready.

As mentioned above, I was neither a rhinestone-adorned child or a homeless-[chic?] adolescent, but instead, a fashion student with meticulously ironed, long chestnut hair, 4-inch Nicole Miller heels, and a knee-length Alice + Olivia coat that made Anna Wintour herself cast a smile upon me as I left 4 Times Square late last week. I, in fact, was camera ready.

You have to admit... these scissors are awesome.
The first reporter eyed the crowd looking for someone 'interesting', meaning semi-attractive. His gaze focused in on me, as I looked like an absolute diva amongst the crowds of fans who had planned their entire week around this event. He brought the camera over to me, and held a microphone in front of me. This is how the conversation went:

Reporter: Hi. What brought you out her tonight?

Me: Hi! I'm here to see Lady Gaga, of course.

Reporter: What do you like about her?

Me: What don't I like about her?! She's amazing, she's so inspirational, she's an icon. She completely revolutionized the fashion world. Vogue Editrix Anna Wintour gave her the CFDA Award [Fashion Icon of the Year]... She's just incredible!

Of course, I just had  to throw some fashion in there. If this makes it on to TV, I hope it makes Anna Wintour smile at me -- again!

After rejecting the musical theater student next to me because he looked 'boring', the second reporter shifted his focus to me. Our conversation went like this:

Lady Gaga in spider form.
Reporter: What brought you here tonight?

Me: I'm here to see Lady Gaga cut the ribbon to her workshop!

Reporter: What do you think of the displays?

Me: I haven't seen them yet, but I'm insanely excited! From what I hear, it's all amazing. In fact, why keep it just for holidays? Gaga is incredible -- We should honor her all year round!

The reporter then went on to talk to a 'sassy black guy', as the musical theatre student described him.

They continued to shift us around a bit, moving us forward and back, forward and back. We didn't mind, because we all knew the night would be incredible. Or, so we thought.

My new 'friends' and I talked among ourselves, contemplating what we would say to Lady Gaga, and what we would have her sign for us. I ultimately decided that I would ask her to sign my Michael Kors purse.

I don't think I mentioned this yet, but it was extremely cold last night. Or, at least it was to me -- I have Floridian blood. Luckily, the insanely attractive cater waiters acknowledged this, and they sent out Belgian hot chocolate along with endless amounts of Baked By Melissa cupcakes.

It seemed like a lifetime, but finally, Lady Gaga arrived! She spent about thirty minutes inside conducting an interview for Good Morning America, which aired today, and shopping with her talentless sister, Natali.

When she finally walked out of the entrance, the crowd went wild. She whipped out a giant pair of the most Gaga-esque scissors imaginable, cut a surprisingly bland ribbon, and went back inside.

And that was all. No performance. No meet-and-greet. Not even a teeny, tiny word to the fans who spent their entire day waiting in the freezing cold weather. Nothing. It was a very under-whelming experience, but hey -- at least I got a blog post out of it.

One of the many displays within the workshop.


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  2. I love it! I think I'm gonna go to Barneys and check it out! :)

  3. the part about you throwing in some fashion in your answer made me laugh! but that is so smart of you, i can only hope to do the same thing if i get interviewed someday. ;)

    p.s. those scissors ARE amazing!

    <3, Mimi
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  4. Sounds like a great time! Glad you got to go!

  5. I would have loved to have seen Lady Gaga! Even if it was only for a split second. Too bad she didn't stay outside longer : (

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  9. WOW...this is amazing and would love to seen it myself!! LOVE IT.

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  11. your blog is fantastic. you're a true fashionista, and you are very intelligent. :) love your blog... enjoyed browsing. :) i am your newest follower, and hoping we can stay connected. enjoy your sunday, and all the best on your blog. :)


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