Saturday, January 7, 2012

Clinique Almost Lipstick Launches

Ever since I began working at Clinique, I've pretty much become obsessed with all of the products and the brand itself. After all, I'm living and breathing Clinique for about 25 hours every week!

So, imagine my surprise (and complete and utter joy!) when I came across a post about Clinique's newest product launch on my favorite beauty site, Temptalia. Of course, I already knew all about Almost Lipstick, but it was still awesome seeing it.

One of Clinique's classic products is a lipstick called Black Honey, which is a dark, sheer shade that is flattering on literally everyone. They relaunched the line last year to include a limited edition blush and Almost Lipstick.

As it turns out, the shade was so successful that the Clinique execs decided to bring back Almost Lipstick in not only Black Honey, but seven other shades as well:
  • Black Honey
  • Shy Honey
  • Tender Honey
  • Spice Honey
  • Luscious Honey
  • Chic Honey
  • Lovely Honey
  • Flirty Honey
Almost Lipstick is another highly successful, temporarily discontinued Clinique product. Its a lipstick with a more moisturizing consistency. It is extremely sheer, allowing each person's natural lip color to show through, but with a subtle hint of the shade itself. They create an extremely natural look that is completely perfect for spring! 

Another interesting thing I've learned: Clinique's Almost Lipstick has received more credits in Elle magazine's history than any other lipstick! [In case you're not aware, I also intern at Elle, which makes this little fact extremely ironic.]

The new line of Almost Lipstick is now available at Clinique counters nationwide. Will you be buying it?


  1. you work for clinique??? How cool!! And Yesi am going to buy one of these!!!

  2. wow i have tried only two clinique lispticks to date :D must be awesome to work for a great company (with great products)! I love working with brands myself. followed you :)

  3. I love Clinique, now never buy any beauty products from any other brand. I love the Blemish solutions cream and foundation. Also the Powder is amazing and you get so much! mines lasted almost 2 years and stil got lods left!
    and you are very lucky to intern at Elle, I would love to do that one day!

  4. Wow!.. These lipsticks are awesome!

    Much love from the SABO SKIRT girls!

  5. i definitely need to try! thanks for the comment hopefully you can do something with your hair and post it up would love to see it!

  6. definately going to check it out!!

    xx from hong kong :)

  7. We are SO excited to get into Sephora or a Clinique counter and play. Black Honey is one of my FAVE lip products so I'm so happy to try some more. And we totally forgot that you work with Clinique. Lucky!!! :-)

    Jayme @ Her Late Night Cravings

  8. Oooohh.. I want the one that's called Lovely Honey.. or maybe Flirty Honey! haha

    Kisses! xxx

  9. I love Clinique it's been one of my favorite brands for a long long time. Can't wait for this new line to come out. I'm definitely trying them out..

    PS. Happy New Year's gorgeous.

    <3 Marina

  10. oohh all the shades look sooo nice! :D

  11. I actually own zero clinique products...i so need to fix that...thanks for sharing!

  12. these are great lipstick colours:)

  13. ah..i wasn't getting any updates from your blog..blogger problem i guess..i decided to check in on my own..the shades are quite awesome!


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