Saturday, January 7, 2012

January Giveaway Winner!

It's about 3 AM on January 7th, and my very first contest has officially closed!!

I'm absolutely thrilled to announce that the winner is longtime follower Lindsay LeBoyer! Lindsay is the ever-fashionable blogger behind The Style Child, one of the first blogs I discovered upon entering the blogosphere earlier this year. At age 16, she has already taken classes at the Fashion Institute of Technology, toured the Teen Vogue offices, and is consistently featured on Teen Vogue Fashion Click. Her blog is one of my favorites, and I definitely suggest you check it out!

Lindsay of The Style Child won a 1-year subscription to Elle!

As far as the contest, thank you to everyone who entered. Overall, I didn't get as great of a response as I had hoped for (only ten entries), but its probably my own fault for my lack of updates and posts.

With the new year, I hope to update more often and continue to grow my blog. I'm well aware that this will be a major time commitment, so I have arranged my school, work, and internship schedules to allow for the time needed.

As I have already promised, I will hold a contest beginning the first day of each month, so make sure to check back on February 1st! In the meantime, if you have any suggestions as to how to get a greater response, please comment below. And, if there's anything particular you would like to see in a giveaway, please feel free to let me know. I would honestly appreciate any suggestions you have!


  1. thank you so much, Mallory! what you said about my blog is so sweet :) i wish you all the best in your internship!


    p.s- how exactly do i get the subscription?

  2. Wow her blog is AMAZING! Congrats to her!!

  3. wow she is so lucky :-)

    the ring is from DEBOGESS honey ;-)

  4. Congratulations to the winner...and Mallory didn't know you were running a giveaway :((

    <3 Marina


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